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Thanksgiving All Year Long November 30, 2017

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Gratitude is peace


Thanksgiving is officially over and now it’s a full- throttle Christmas mode. But how ‘bout we say goodbye to the Thanksgiving holiday for a year but not the idea of being thankful? Everywhere I looked the past few weeks I saw the quote “There is always, always, something to be thankful for.” If that’s so and if so many people believe that, why is it we celebrate thankfulness only one day a year…a day that is immediately followed by a day when we go on shopping frenzies to buy all those things we think we have to have and things we think might make us happy? Does having more equate to more happiness? Does being happy equate to being thankful? Do things that frustrate us have to make us unhappy? Not always on all counts.




Today I’m thankful my internet was not connecting to the very computer I am writing this on. Yep, you heard right: I’M THANKFUL MY INTERNET WAS OUT. What in the world? Call the troopers and call me crazy but first, let me fill you in.


Our house sitter/dog sitter extraordinaire, John, has been helping us set up a new TV for the past two days. This has involved DirecTV set up, “smart” TV controls (and tutorials!), universal remote formatting, and a few modem resets. Come to discover that those resets wreaked just a bit of havoc on my desktop computer. No worries; house sitter/dog sitter/fabulous TV installer John is also an IT expert. Can I marry this guy now? After a few quick checks and resets, I’m up and running. But, not before learning something very, very important. And a little bit alarming.


While checking my modem and internet connections, John asked if I by chance had another Ethernet cable. First of all, “Ethernet cable” is somewhat akin to Russian to me, but I knew I had a bin of cables and cords that he could go through. In that bin was also an old MacBook battery. This, my friends, was not a good thing. John proceeded to let me know the dangers of said battery (similar but waaaaay bigger than all those phone batteries not allowed on airplanes) and that it already showed clear signs of “inflation,” which could have caught fire, exploded, and basically caused a whole lot of damage. So, as worried as I was about my internet going out, I suddenly considered it a “God wink.” Had the internet not sputtered, the battery would not have been discovered, and who knows what might have happened. As John said, “things always happen for a reason.”





Trials are not usually the places in which we find gratitude. Instead, they try us and they frustrate us. It’s much easier to be grateful when everything is going smooth and life is good. But there will always be challenges and obstacles in our lives, so it’s high time we focus on what we are thankful for year round and even in the midst of trials. There are so many things we can and should be thankful for and they deserve more than just one holiday in November.



As Jimmy Buffet sang, we need to change our attitudes. This is also the philosophy behind a great book titled “FISH!” In the bestseller, a high-stress and non-energetic corporate office team is compared to the fishmongers in Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market. They may not have the most sought after jobs, but they are famously happy and thankful for their place of work. It’s a philosophy filled with lessons of being grateful and joyful.


Lessons learned.



An attitude of gratitude should be our goal and it starts with both the head and the heart. If you think you are blessed, you’ll likely feel blessed. If you love more than you long, you’ll feel loved. If you fill your life with things and people the build you up rather than tear you down, you’ll feel positive and thankful. Maybe instead of trying to “keep up with the Joneses” you might ask yourself if the life you are living is a life you would want someone else to have. Chances are your life is pretty darn good on many levels so being thankful for it is Plan A. Plan B is to make “thanksgiving” a reason to celebrate 12 months a year; not just one day a year.


So before you go out, stress out, and max out your credit card on holiday shopping and entertaining, sit back and be thankful…truly thankful. Be thankful you have a job even if it’s not your dream job. Be grateful you have a place to live even if it’s not your dream house. Be appreciative that you have a car rather instead of complaining about traffic. And always remember that so many out there have less than you but could very well be more grateful and happy than you.


And if you have a John in your life, be sure to be thankful for him too.








Throw Glitter on Your Feet November 20, 2017

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Title pic


I literally feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. I’ve browsed through the fashion mags and blogs and see a trend I’m totally raising my hand for: glitter shoes! Woohoo! Yippee! My “closet” closet is now on trend! And I’m not just talking Target and Old Navy. The likes of Chanel, Saint Laurent, and Isabel Marant were all a-glitter on Fall 2017 runways and what better way to celebrate the holidays then in a sparkly pair of flats, heels, or booties?


“Shine” and “sparkly” have been dubbed this season’s neutrals and it’s music to the ears of this black, white, and camel girl. Glitter can be found on everything from ladylike pumps to menswear loafers. In a fun and whimsical way, glitter goes with nothing and yet goes with everything. It’s a bit like leopard. Wear it and wear it well!


I have forever been a glitter girl and think it is EVERYTHING, so the fact that designers agree with me if just for one season is pure awesomeness. I can now wear my glitter Kate Spade pumps, Sole Society pointy-toe loafers, and several go-to Tom’s with both pride and panache. Have you seen the new Tom’s candy cane slip on? Dying!


Toms candy cane glitter


When wearing a pair of shoes with sparkle, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit understated. You want the shoes to stand out but you don’t want to look like a little girl hot mess. You want to work it, but you want it to all werk. Keep it glittery but keep it glam.


If you’re hesitant to jump on board the glitter train, start simple with perhaps just a glitter accent like these booties from Old Navy, Chinese Laundry mules, and amazing satin and suede platforms from Miu Miu:

Old Navy glitter block heel  Chinese Laundry Mara glitter heel satin mule    Miu Miu cyrstal-embellished satin and suede platforms


Feeling casual? Try comfy yet chic slip-ons like these traditional black ones from Asos, rose goldy ones on Nanamacs with a cool zipper accent, or trendy flatform slip-ons from Misguided:

Asos     From Nanamacs with zipper    black-glitter-slip-on-flatform-trainers from Misguided


Flats are also fun in a loafer style, like these from Kate Spade, Bill Blass, and Miista:

KSpade Calliope loafersBill Blass embellished slip ons  Miista


Another option is to go with just an embellishment of sparkle, like these velvet darlings from Ivanka Trump’s collection:

Ivanka Trump Wareen


If you’re feeling a little more festive, go big or go home with some heels from Trina Turk or Kate Spade, shown here:

Trina Turk confetti sequin pumps  KSpade       Kate Spade Charm


Thinking stilettos are too shaky and unstable for your liking? No worries. Casadei offers a beautiful and sensible kitten mule and Aquazurra’s block heel looker is stable and stunning:

Casadei-glittered-Alexa-mules    Aquazzura Alix pumps


Not quite sure? Then turn to none other than Jimmy Choo who offers similar styles in both a sky-high stiletto and BA block heel:


Jimmy Choo pumps   Jimmy Choo Billie



Trendy yet tasteful are this glitter and suede ankle-strapped Isabel Marant and Miu Miu’s velvety and dreamy wine platforms:

Isabel Marant glitter and suede   Miu Miu velvet platforms


Booties are all the rage this fall and you won’t go wrong with these two basic styles from Marc Jacobs and XYD, a stylish pointy-toe version from Nine West, and my personal favorite albeit impractical rainbow glitter stiletto bootie.


Marc Jacobs CamillaXYD bootie  Nine West Savitra point toe bootie   Multi bootie


While we can’t all be Bella Hadid rocking it in Saint Laurent sparkle from head-to-toe, we can maybe consider these amazing bow-embellished stunners by Marco de Vincenzo, or maybe even these round-toe ’60s inspired knee-highs seen on the Chanel runway:

Bella in Saint Laurent   de-vincenzo-clp-rf17-2568 Chanel


And please, don’t let a little bad weather keep you from having good style. Glitter rain boots will add brightness to any dark day, including these from Melissa and even tradition-steady Hunter:

melissa_raindropboot_goldglitter_4w   Hunter


If it’s comfort you’re still looking for, look no further than ballet flats from Cotswolds, Tabitha Simmons, Polly Plume, and Jimmy Choo:

Cotswolds Crunch  Tabitha Simmon Hermione ballets   Polly Plume bowed ballerninas  Jimmy Choo Wylie ballerinas


For real comfort, there is always a good sneaker, including these from Keds, Step, and yes, Chanel:


Keds    Step sparkle Repeatchanel-sneakers


Going somewhere warm this season? Then you’ll want to pack at least one of these flip-flop options by Reef, Tory Burch, and Kate Spade (I own and love them all!):

Reef Stargazer flip flops       TBurch Carey   Kate Spade Icarda glitter flip flop


Okay, so don’t take my word for it, take Gucci’s, who has glittered up some of their most iconic styles:

gucci3  GUCCI2  GUCCI1

The last word on glitter shoes? Stay polished as you party and anything but boring. Sophistication is key as you step out to either shop ’til you drop or dance the night away!