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About Me and My Blog June 4, 2012

My name kind of says it all:  I’m a wordsmith.  I love words and I love the written word. 

I hope to inspire you with words of wisdom and humor and I also hope to serve as a stylist of all things fun and fabulous. 

I am forever thinking and forever researching and I plan to share it all with you, my trusted readers!  

I am a former television editor and reporter, PR and media relations specialist, and current freelance writer. 

Once a newsie always a newsie so I love keeping up with current events and I love to write…hence, this blog! 

I hope you enjoy reading it, learn even a little something from it, and share your feedback and ideas with me.


One Response to “About Me and My Blog”

  1. Leslie R. Says:

    Always am thinking about you and now reading your new blog. Congrats and don’t be a stranger. Make a DATE to get together….it can be any date but sooner rather than later. Love, Leslie R.

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