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Think About It Thursday July 12, 2012

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Let me first start by saying I am not a millionaire.  I am not even close.  I grew up very middle class in a simple but safe home.  Today I enjoy a good life thanks to hard work and a dedication to living within our means.  Still, it pains me that America used to be a proud nation whose people wanted to succeed and become rich.  More and more we are today a country that wants government handouts for everything.  Being wealthy is actually often considered a negative and failure is accepted and justified.  How did we get here?   What are your thoughts? 

“Before you own the garage, you gotta sweep the floors.”  Kid Rock


2 Responses to “Think About It Thursday”

  1. m0mijoajul Says:

    We got here when people stopped spanking their children. We now fund the lazy. Failure is rewarded. We are a nation who says “everyone will succeed” and reward everyone with a trophy for participating. Lone star card? I’m confused.

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