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Small Things Make a Big Difference July 13, 2012

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“Love ya.”  That’s all the text said yet I’m still thinking about it and even now, writing about it.  It was simple, came from my daughter Kristen and, was more than enough. She doesn’t say it often in a text so when she does, it means the world to me.  Such a little thing that made such a big difference.  Isn’t that what life’s really all about though:  the little things?

Call it what you want…”smell the roses,” “count your blessings,” or simply enjoy the simple things.  Amazingly, even as I was writing this, my friend Karen called to invite me over.  She had bought a strawberry de-corer for me and was ready with melted chocolate, berries and Arnold Palmer iced tea.  It made my day!  A tiny, $5 kitchen gizmo resulted in a couple of hours of quality time with someone I just don’t see often enough. 

Yet another friend, Carolyn, chronicled these very sentiments in her wonderful book “BackyardPearls,” in which she cleverly reminds us that in order to find the gems in our crazy lives, sometimes all we need do is look out our backdoor and into our own homes.  Perhaps Mary Poppins said it best when she told a young Jane and Michael Banks “enough is as good as a feast.”  It has always been one of my favorite quotes and I must say, the British nanny was spot on!

I do love to travel and enjoy getting “dolled up” once in a while, but this photo depicts one of my all-time favorite things to do:  surround myself with good friends, good food,  and good conversation.

 I want all my favorite people around a table this big. :)

 Give me a mason jar full of daisies over an elaborately packaged dozen roses.  For me, a heart-shaped box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day brings me as much joy as a little blue box from Tiffany’s.  And speaking of sweets, I do love my Crème Brule but I’m also a full-fledged Brownie fanatic.  And cheese?  Yep, I’m proud to admit I’ll take a bowl of queso any day over a platter of Brie. 

For me, it is about counting my blessings and enjoying the little things.  I actually have a small “count your blessings” sign above my bathroom sink that I see every morning and every night and it serves as a constant reminder that big doesn’t always mean better and expensive doesn’t always mean the best.  I love nothing more than lazy “do nothing” days and I tend to look back more than I look forward.  Nothing confirms this better than our family Christmas tree.  Number one, it’s always real and number two, it’s not lavish.  Nope, it is humbly decorated each year with treasured childhood and homemade ornaments and those bought in far away places.  No color-coordinated, fancy-smancy tree for us.  Give me down-to-earth and give me the real deal.

Totally me!

That sign pretty much describes me – I’m definitely a wordsmith and I do love pretty things – as long as they are meaningful, elegant, or practical.   One of my favorite extravagances, if you will, are expensive sheets and down comforters and pillows.  I LOVE comfy and cozy beds.  But, right next to them in my inexpensive nightstand are not high-end, celebrity-endorsed lip balms, but rather Mentholatum and Rose Bud Salve…right next to my dollar store back scratcher.

I don’t know what kind of sheets my dear friend Janel has, but I do know she always uses cloth napkins, which I love about her.  You see, Janel is one of the most unpretentious ladies I know.  She’s not out to impress anyone.  She’s not trying to save the earth from needless paper napkins.  She plain and simply likes cloth napkins and the grace and polish they represent.   I love scented candles, but as long as one smells good it can be from a posh boutique or an inexpensive chain store.  Keep it simple silly. 

So today, look around.  What little things in your life bring you great joy?  Appreciate them and always remember that someone else is happy with less than you have and that there is always, always something to be thankful for.  What are you grateful for today?

Think about it…

What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?


3 Responses to “Small Things Make a Big Difference”

  1. Janet Says:

    Love your blog. Small things is my favorite so far.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Mine too.

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