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Playing Games August 20, 2012

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My husband and I recently watched the movie “8 Mile” and actually really enjoyed it.  I’ve always considered Eminem somewhat of a phenomenal, albeit profane, musical genius.  I thought of the movie last week, and Kim Basinger’s obsession with Bingo in it, as hubby and I attended a night of the classic game at our club.   Yes, Bingo!  And although neither of us won a single game or prize, we still had fun. 


We’d signed up with our dear friends Matt and Jenelle and were joined by fellow members Tim and Jeannie at our table.  Waiting for the festivities to begin, Jenelle and I noticed we had two extra seats at our table and we also noticed an elderly couple sitting at a table all by themselves.  We invited them to sit with us and, even though we didn’t really know them, we enjoyed their company all evening.  Looking back, our table was amazing in many ways, one of which was the unplanned and diverse age groups represented at it.


If you started with Tim and Jeannie and went clock-wise, our table was a virtual generational snapshot.  Tim and Jeannie are the young ones of the bunch.  Both fit and fabulous, they represent many of today’s young parents.  They are proud momma and poppa of a five and three-year-old, both hold full-time jobs, and Tim is our club’s sommelier.  The previous night Tim sported his tux as the club hosted its quarterly wine tasting event.  Bingo night, however, found Tim in an LSU t-shirt (even though he’s from Chicago!) and in a relaxed mood.  From there, you find my husband Smitty and me…the empty nesters just happy to have somewhere to go!  To my left were Jenelle and Matt…grandparents but as fit and fabulous as the younger Tim and Jeannie.  Both of them are avid golfers and Jenelle had just shot her best round ever earlier that day, a 90.  Grandparents perhaps, but grand nonetheless!  From there you came upon the elderly couple we invited to our table.  I don’t know their story, but I do know they were fun to be around and made our table complete.


In hindsight, our Bingo table represented life at its finest.  A mix of ages, histories and treasures.  Almost family-like.   It’s no secret that we can all learn something from each other, regardless of age, but outside of family or work, when do we ever really get the opportunity to socially intermix?  Not often enough!


Twenty-five-and-then-some years ago I prided my husband on always connecting with the seasoned veterans in his industry.  He was one of the younger reps back then, but tended to fraternize with many of the elders.  He had an easy-going style with them and I always found it both impressive and respectful.  All these years later, many of those distinguished gentlemen have passed on and now Smitty is the experienced and elder one.  My hope is that today’s young guns can look up to him with the same respect and admiration that mirrors his of days passed. 


I don’t know what all this means, other than perhaps mere coincidence.  I do know that it’s never uncool or too late to respect your elders and that young does not always mean dumb.   Venture out of your box sometimes and you just may be pleasantly surprised at what…or who…you find!  Bingo!



2 Responses to “Playing Games”

  1. Julie Klock Says:

    Carla – I am enjoying your blog.( Haven’t seen you since Bunco long, long, ago!) Hard to believe your nest is empty! I have also been musing about the lack of inter-generational connections. MY baby girl just got married so, although my nest has been empty for 7+ years, with both the girls married it feels newly empty. I guess this must be a normal thought pattern while going through this kind of transition. Too bad we didn’t know this earlier in life!

    • Wow…thanks Julie! So great to hear from you and so happy to hear you like my blog! Boy have the years past by…can’t believe you have two married daughters. Hope you are doing well. Will check out your blog!

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