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Tuesday’s Tip October 16, 2012

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I recently ordered some jewelry gifts from Stella & Dot and received them in the mail today.  In the box was a sweet note with “Tender, Loving Care Tips” for the items and I thought I’d share them (and a few of my own!) with you!


From Stella & Dot:

1.  As much as you love your jewelry, it is not meant to be worn 24-7.  It should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

2.  Put your jewelry to bed in individual sealed plastic or other bags.  Air-tight is right to keep your jewelry tangle and tarnish-free.

3.  Keep your jewels out of water! You wouldn’t jump in the shower or pool with your favorite high heels; don’t do it with your jewels.

4.  Keep your jewels sparkling and tarnish free by cleaning them with a polishing cloth.


My Top Ten:

1.  Although it’s not the prettiest piece of furniture I own, I love my stand-up jewelry case.  It holds my costume and inexpensive necklaces, rings, and bracelets nicely organized.  It’s also handy and it’s solid.

2.  As for pricier and more treasured items, I keep them separate and “out of sight.”

3.  Travelling is a time to take extra care of and with your jewelry.  I never, ever put my it in checked luggage but instead keep it in in my carry on bag.  Once I get to a hotel, I immediately “call” one of the bathroom glasses as the place where I put my jewelry (and everyone else keeps their hands off!) as I take it off at night.  I also always put my jewelry in the room’s safe when I leave if there is one.

4.  I don’t spend a lot of money on trendy jewelry.  I love pearls and some other special items I have, but anything else I know I can find just about anywhere.

5.  I love my perfume almost as much as I love my jewelry, but I never, ever spray it on or near any jewelry I have on.

6.  If the dainty chain of a necklace is tangled, use a long straight pin to untangle the knot.

7.  Although diamonds are very hard and resistant, one diamond can scratch another so store them separately.

8.  I’m not big on mixing metals, although I know it’s considered okay to do these days. If I must, I try to at least keep the metals in the same style family.  For instance, I won’t wear my silver Indian jewelry from Santa Fe with gold but I might mix simple, trendy items together, although very rarely!

9.  Simple is best but best doesn’t always have to be real.  Even Princess Di was known for loving the fake stuff!

10.  Anyone who says “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” never had a dog!


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