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Do the Math…at the Mall! October 20, 2012

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I’ve written before about me and my math weakness and anyone who knows me recognizes I am terrible with numbers.  Just ask my friend Ana who, this very week, ever so politely helped me figure out how much I could spend on each of my 12 students if I have $125.  She should have just said “duh Carla,” but she is too nice to do that!


In high school and college I hated Algebra, Accounting, and anything related to numbers but I Kind of understood geometry only because it made a little bit of sense to me.  I could actually see where I might use it someday in real life, even if only sparingly.  Well, thanks to a hot fall fashion trend, I may have a need and a use for geometry again!


Geometric prints are everywhere this fall, with everyone from Prada to JCrew to Target boasting plaids, abstract shapes, color block, and tiny checks on everything from capris to camis.  I’m thinking even my long-treasured stripes and diamonds qualify as math-inspired fashion.  Yay for me!  The newer mod and retro-style prints currently all the rage can be worn by anyone, just remember style in terms of your age (if you wore it the first time it was a trend, you’re too old to wear it the second time around!) and that if you’re a big girl, you should stick to big prints.   Grouping geometrics with other hot fall trends like menswear and leggings takes them one fashion step further.  Although it’s probably not a trend I’ll wholeheartedly latch on to, it’s a form of math I can buy into…literally!








I stumbled upon this trend soon after I joked with my co-worker Tammy when I told her “and you thought you’d never use geometry again in your life,” as she meticulously and professionally spaced photos onto a wall display.  I laughed as I said it, but how true it was.


I guess I do use math more than I think.  I calculate tips at restaurants (albeit in 10 percent increments!), measure while cooking, and whip out my Iphone to calculate the final cost of an item that’s marked 30 percent off.  If I was doing our check book statement when Kristen was still at home and she asked what I was doing, I’d say “math.”  I wanted her to know that even though mommy doesn’t like math, it’s something we all have to do in life.


Now I can just tell her to go to her favorite store and study all the fun geometric prints found aisle after aisle.  It’s like a math-filled field trip!   Okay, I might not go that far but I’m thrilled to know that me and math and math and I can be friends, even if not BFFs.


Happy shopping!


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