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Tuesday’s Tip October 31, 2012

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy I’m going to paraphrase one of my favorite bloggers and authors, Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project, for today’s Tuesday’s Tip by reminding all of you to take memory photos.  As Gretchen said, “you think you won’t forget, but you will.  Take a photo of the most usual sights.  In the future you’ll be a lot more interested in seeing a photo of your dormroom closet or your laundromat than seeing a photo of the Louvre.”


What great advice!  I’m a avid photo taker but even I have to admit Gretchen’s advice hit home.  Don’t you know there are millions of people right now affected by Hurricane Sandy who wish they had photos of what they’ve lost?  And I’m not talking about their trips to a beach or the Empire State Building.  I’m talking about Grandpa’s recliner, a baby’s first crib, and a worn out dog bed.


Treasure and document your memories friends, and may their memories give the millions who are suffering right now comfort and hope.




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