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That’s America November 12, 2012

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It was only two words, but two very powerful words.


I pride myself on being the wordsmith in the family and Smitty is the numbers guy, but yesterday he was the wordsmith.  We were sitting at a table enjoying some pre-game tailgating before the OU-Baylor game when were joined by two gentlemen.  Come to find out that the elder of the two, Jerry, was the young man Chance’s godfather and a veteran.   We talked at length about his service, the Sooners, our kids, and our country.  He was a good ole boy, friendly as all get out, and now gratefully retired. He lives a simple but happy life on a lake near Tulsa, loves his godson and loves his Sooners.  He isn’t wealthy or handsome but has riches money can’t buy.  As he said goodbye and “nice meetin ya’ll,” Smitty softly said, “That’s America” as Jerry walked away.  His words literally gave me chills.  So true and so prophetic coming from the numbers guy.  Sometimes even wordsmiths are at a loss for words.


So today on Veterans Day, thank you Jerry and all veterans to whom we owe so very much.  You make us proud, you make us free, and we honor you.


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