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Be My Guest December 4, 2012

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My apologies for having been remiss about writing my blog the past couple of weeks.  I’ve missed doing so and I hope you’ve missed hearing from me!  I am never at a loss for blog ideas, but recently had the most wonderful guest stay at my house, which got me thinking:  how do we make guests feel welcome?    I had never met her before but she was a dear friend of one of my best friends so I opened our home to her.  She loved our guest room of all white and white wicker and she was a treat to have around.  I will always remember sweet Pat.


 guest room


It’s that time of year friends…time for guests of all shapes and sizes visiting our homes for the holidays.  They come, they go, and more come right behind them.  I love it when people visit us.  It gives me a chance to open up our guest room and put it to good use!


Have you ever been a guest at someone’s house and felt the owners thought of everything?  Was the bed dreamy?  Were the towels cushy?  Did you have everything you needed…and forgot?  These are the keys to a top notch guest room.  I’ve gathered some tried and true guest room tips and ideas here for you, and I’ve also included some of my own original ideas.


guest quote


  • Every guest room (or room you use for guests!) needs a reading lamp and an alarm clock.  Reading glasses would be a bonus treat, as would a nightlight.
  • If the guests don’t have to share a bathroom with anyone else in the house, stock it up with shampoo, shaving cream, lotion, toothpaste, etc.  If they share the bathroom, have all these items – perhaps travel sizes – in a basket for them in the guest room.
  • Either show them where the towels are stored or bring some out and put them on the guest bed.  Be sure to include bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths.
  • Have a pen and paper handy for them.
  • If possible, empty out dresser drawers and make sure there is space for their clothes in the closet and plenty of hangars for them to use.  A luggage rack or bench for suitcases is also a nice touch.
  • For a true luxury hotel experience, provide various robes for guests to use.
  • A water carafe and glass is always appreciated by overnighters.
  • Reading materials – books, magazines, catalogs, etc. – should be stacked or laid out in a way that tells them “it’s okay to read these!”
  • If you have Wi-Fi in the house, have the code written down somewhere in the guest room.
  • A smart phone dock, radio, CD player and/or television are nice to make available, if possible.
  • Provide guests with a neighborhood map that includes nearby pharmacies, gas stations, grocery stores, florists, etc.  Even though all of this is now available on smart phones and computers, guests will appreciate not having to look them all up.
  • Give your guests a brief tour of your home, pointing out where dishes, snacks, and other items are located.
  • Show guests how to use your coffeemaker.   Every kind is different and this will allow guests to help themselves to the java.
  • Create as comfy a bed as possible.  300-400 count sheets are as high as you need to go (and can be found at discount stores everywhere), remember that goose down is fluffier than duck,  and a fluffy mattress topper will ensure your guests sleep like queens and kings.  Think layers too:  layers of pillows and layers of sheet/blanket/duvet/folded throw.



My Own Personal Tips

  • Be sure outlets are available for all things electronic.  If several are covered by a bed or dresser, provide a multiple outlet converter.
  • I have those glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling above our guest bed.  Guests don’t know they’re up there until they turn the lights off and often comment on much they like them!
  • Two cute ideas on saw on-line for guest sign in are either a clear, glass vase of river rocks and a Sharpie for them to sign and date and/or a calendar for them to add their birthday or date of visit to.  So cute!
  • Have step-by-step instructions for all TV remotes and include a channel guide for each TV.
  • Provide plenty of mirrors for your guests.  Full-length mirrors come in all styles and are wonderful additions to any guest room.


In the end, you want your guest room to be a sanctuary; to make your guests feel at home and at ease.  It’s all fairly simple; just treat your guests like family and your family like guests.


One Response to “Be My Guest”

  1. northshorelady Says:

    Nicely said , dear friend. I’ve been thinking of you and knew you had to get back in the saddle after been thrown ….time is the best healer. I know you will comfort Kelly in ways no one else can and she is truly blessed to have a friend such as you, Carla.

    I must see you but ….. JA ( James Avery) has scheduled me for lots of hours !! Can we have some eggnog together some afternoon?

    Regard Rosie.

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