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Tuesday’s Tip April 23, 2013

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Golden Rule

Paying It Forward


Just this past week my friend Kelly posted on her Facebook page that they let someone in line in front of them in a drive through, and when they got to the window to pay, the car in front of them had paid for them!  How very sweet and how very grateful.  So, Kelly and company did the same for the car behind them.  Who knows how long it went on, but it all reminded me of that fabulous movie “Pay It Forward.”


It also reminded me of an article I read in the” Austin American-Statesman” about a woman who was turning 50.  But, instead of dreading the milestone of having lived half a century, the woman made it her goal to perform 50 kind deeds in the 50 days leading up to her birthday.  Most impressively, she involved her friends and family so as not to have all the light shone on her.  Her secondary goal, you see, was to “energize others in the spirit of giving.”


What about you?  Maybe you (and me both!) won’t accomplish a daily dose of simple acts of kindness, but what about every now and then?  There are so many people in need and so many of us capable of filling those needs.   Maybe start on your birthday.  What a great idea for your kids too!  Suggest to them that on their 9th or 16th or 21st birthday they do that many good and decent things.


Just a thought to leave you on.  I’m off to make plans to do unto others as I would like them to do unto me.


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