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Tuesday’s Tip July 9, 2013

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Today’s “Tuesday’s Tip” consists of nothing more than some products I’ve recently discovered and love!  I hope you do too!


The geniuses at Umbra have created a wooden spoon with a stylus on the end, meaning you can cook and browse through recipes on your tablet without making a mess.  Wow!

Umbra spoon with stylus




This “Willow” bag by Mulberry is fabulous, as it’s both a clutch and a carry-all.  The front pocket zips off and becomes a classic evening bag.  Also available in pink, green and black at Mulberry.


Mulberry Willow tote




Barefoot Dreams’ “Cozy Chic” robe is both stylish and comfy, and available in several color combinations.

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic robe




This mini broom is actually an Amish cake tester.  Simply hang it near your oven and break off a straw to test baked goods doneness.  Available through Linda Anderson and other sites.

Amish cake tester




Sick of sitting in the bathtub only to have your perfectly warm water drain out the overflow drain?  Me too!  That’s why I love this suction cup that slips right over the overflow drain.  Available through and other sites.

Bathtub overflow stopper



What to do with all those wine corks you’ve been saving?  Make a keepsake trivet out of this heat-safe and one-of-a-kind trivet.  Great for wine-tasting tours!

Wine corks trivet




I simply love the uniqueness and functionality of this laurel-shaped and flexible silicone roasting rack.  It fits almost any size casserole dish through its twisting ability and it stores flat.  What’s not to love?!  Available at Sur la Table and other retailers.

Roasting laurel



Although hard to find, I just love this Flexita grater by Yanko Design.  Its folding ability means your hand is protected and it stores flat.  Designed by Ely Rosenberg, if anyone finds where to buy one, please let me know!






I love the look of decorative and heirloom plates hanging on a wall, but I’m not a big fan of those brass plate hangars.  The answer?  These wonderful adhesive back disks with built in loops.  They come in a variety of sizes and are easily removed without damaging the plate.  Available through Amazon and other sites.

Dish hangars




Okay, so I saved the most “icky” item for last but I think you’re going to love it.  It’s Rubbermaid’s new “Clean and Dry” plunger that boasts a special water repellant coating so drips and messes don’t ensue after plunging a clogged commode.  Love it!

Rubbermaid Clean and Dry plunger


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