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Tuesday’s Tip July 23, 2013

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Don’t Cut the Cord!

Landlines princess phone


A friend recently discovered that her phone line died while she and her family were out-of-town.   Sad thing is, they didn’t realize it for several weeks because they rely solely on their cell phones for all communication.  But, before the phone company could determine what needed to be repaired, my friend was asked to plug a “regular” phone into the jack to see if it was working.  The repairman needed to know what the problem was before being dispatched to fix it…and we all know how long that can be when we know exactly what the problem is!  Unfortunately, she didn’t have a “regular” phone.  She, like many households, no longer has a landline.  She, like many others, also discovered this maybe isn’t the best idea.


Between 2008 and 2011, the number of wireless-only households nearly doubled according to “The New York Times” and “Readers Digest.”  They also reported, however, that experts agree  “cutting the cord” and opting for smart phones only may not be so smart after all.


Take Hurricane Sandy for example.  When the super storm blasted the east coast last fall, hundreds of New Yorkers lined up to use any of the almost extinct pay phones…if they could find one.  The storm knocked out 25 percent of cell phone towers from New Hampshire to North Carolina, leaving millions without cell phone service.  Landlines, however, were not affected.  Most landlines rely on underground copper wiring rather than electricity and radio waves to function and they are almost always more dependable during storms and other communication crisis situations.


Experts also like to remind us that when you call 9-1-1 from a cell phone, the operator will not be able to immediately identify your location, which they can easily do when you call from a landline.  In addition, most home security companies depend on landlines to trigger an alarm.  If you live in a rural area, landlines are considered even more vital, as wireless service is often spotty and expensive the further out you live.




Funny but true, right?  Think about it.  You probably remember your home phone number from years ago but I bet you don’t know your friends’ cell phone numbers that you call daily.  I’m as guilty as you are, but I will say we still have a landline in our home.  In fact, the phone on my night stand is not only a landline, it’s not even cordless!    I also have a pretty pink Princess phone in our guest room much like the photo at the top of this blog.  Yes I’m nostalgic but I am also cautious.  I worry because Kristen won’t have a landline in her apartment this fall and she’ll be in Oklahoma!  But, she will have cable, internet, a tanning room, a movie theatre, and a pool on-site!


Call me silly; call me old-fashion, but I think I will always have a landline.  What about you?  How many of you have joined the “cell-only” population?  Have I made you think twice about your decision?  I didn’t think so.  Call me and we can talk about it!


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