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Tuesday’s Tip July 30, 2013

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Money tree

It Doesn’t Grow on Trees After All!


“It’s good to have money and the things money can buy, but it’s good to check in once in a while to make sure you haven’t lost the things money can’t buy.”  George Lorimer



I find it amazing that an entire city (Detroit most recently) can go bankrupt.   More on that another day, but today I’d like to share some financial advice from money guru Suzie Orman.   Americans are still living way too much in debt, making me ever grateful for my husband’s savvy savings habits.  As much as I hate to admit it, his frugality and acumen have kept us financially stable.  If you are not in this boat, perhaps Orman’s “Three Keys to Financial Happiness” can help.  They are:


  1.  Every time before buying something, ask yourself, “is it a need or a want?”  Orman recommends everyone should live without credit card debt and have an eight month emergency fund.  However, if you really need it, buy it.  But if it’s a want, don’t buy it.  From this day forward and until you don’t have debt and have an emergency fund, buy only needs.
  2. Live below your means but within your needs.  Even if you can afford that big home or expensive car, do you really need them?  By living this way, you will find you have extra money…money you can save!
  3. Get as much pleasure out of saving as you do spending.  Take that money you might spend on something you don’t need and save it instead.


Great ideas, right?   Another very easy way to save for a rainy day in a less serious way is to keep every $5 bill you get.  They are not as common as $1, $10, or $20 bills but you’ll be surprised at how they add up if you keep them out of your wallet and in a safe place!


Finally, here’s an interesting idea I came across on Pinterest:


Money challenge


Today’s economy makes even saving a little bit difficult for many.  Maybe those old Finnish writers said it best in their proverb, “Happiness is a place between too much and too little.”  Maybe it isn’t even that deep though and all comes down to good ole’ Mary Poppins, when she told Elizabeth and Michael Banks, “Enough is as good as a feast.”    Feast on what you can afford friends and leave keeping up with the Joneses to others.






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