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Picture Perfect September 24, 2013

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Perfectly posed in the middle


Watching the Emmy’s a few nights ago, I was struck by how similarly posed almost all of the red carpet actresses were as they stood in front of photographers and fans.  Its seems even the youngest and most novice of “stars” knew just how to bend their knee, tilt their head, and “smize” with their eyes.  They are not alone.  In fact, life today seems like one big photo op thanks to ever present cameras in our ever present smart phones.


Take a look at someone’s Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr account and you’ll see similar poses:  hand on hip, said hip to the side, and hair just so.  Looking good in a photo has gone big time thanks to social media, but just because you look good in the mirror doesn’t mean you’ll look good in a photo later.  And we all know how humiliating an unflattering picture can be, especially if it ends up in the wrong hands or on your timeline!


So, how does one look their best when being photographed?    First of all it’s important to note there’s a difference between being photogenic and being attractive and that you don’t necessarily have to be attractive to be photogenic.  Whether you’re being photographed by a famous photographer or a friend with an IPhone, here are some tried and true measures you can incorporate into your next pose:


1.  Think before you dress.  Almost any outing these days is photographed, so always wear something you know is flattering.  Pick a top or dress with an interesting neckline and a bold color usually photographs better than black or white.  However, all one color is also a good idea.


2.  Once you’re dressed and you’ve arrived, refuse to ever be photographed from below, as it will make you look much heavier, and avoid being photographed sitting down if possible.  If you do get caught sitting down, quickly cross your legs at your ankles before being snapped.


3.  If you’re being photographed outside, avoid direct sunlight as it’s unflattering color-wise and squinting makes your jawline look bigger than it is.  Late afternoon or early evening are the best times for outdoor photos.


4.  If you’re being photographed in a group, try to get on the end, as it’s the most flattering spot.


5.  Always remember that whatever is closest to the camera will look bigger!


Now for that all important pose:

Angle your chin slightly down and forward, even though it may feel  slightly awkward.

When smiling, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth.  (Really!  Even Heidi Klum supposedly does this!)

Turn your body three-quarters to the camera (never head on…see photos above!)

Place one foot behind the other and bend the forward leg at the knee.

Point your toe to the camera and place your weight on your back foot.

Put your hand on your hip on the same side of the bended leg.


That’s it!  Now you are red carpet ready!  Say “cheese!”



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