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Momma Needs a Nap October 26, 2013

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Despite attempts to truly “have it all,” a new study finds that even women who feel they are succeeding at doing so may indeed feel liberated, but ultimately they just feel tired.  Yes, tired.  Burned out.  Fatigued.   Drained.


The new analysis from the Pew Research Center shows that whether at work or at home, mothers in general feel more exhausted than fathers.  Sadly, this is also the case when it comes to leisure time as well.  It seems momma can’t even relax when it’s time to relax.  All this despite the fact that dads today devote more time to caring for children and cleaning the house than they used to.  What gives?




The truth of the matter is that even though dad may help out here and there, he still doesn’t do half as much as mom does.  In fact, moms spend nearly twice as many hours on household tasks then dads even if they also work outside the home, while dads spend more time working for pay, on average, than mothers.  Some things never change.   Still, momma deserves a nap!


Some good news from the study is that even though they are weary from the grind, 62 percent of parents said child care is “very meaningful” while only 36 percent said the same about paid work.


I’ve always supported the belief that being a “stay at home mom” is just as hard, if not harder, then being a working mom in many ways.  Still, it’s good news that dads continue to step it up.   Other than the obvious, (those I know personally), what moms and dads do I admire?  Hmmmm….let’s see.


“Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a daddy.”


Just yesterday I posted a “Friday Funny” blog taken from the Bill Cosby Show.  I always admired Cliff Huxtable.  He was an accomplished doctor but an awesome dad and husband too.  He was no nonsense and most of the time he allowed his kids to learn their own lessons without preaching to them.  Andy Griffith was kinda the same.  I also admire the dad in the movie “Taken,” who would do anything to save his daughter.  He was, B.A. defined.




I also admire all the dads in my preschool who bring their kids to school regularly.  They arrive with their child’s backpack, lunch box, water bottle and sometimes siblings and/or car pool kids.  They remember to sign them in, take items off their clips, and even visit with me.  I especially admire the one who took his daughter to get a manicure on her fourth birthday!


Nationally, I must say I admire Donald Trump.  Don’t “hang up” on me here, listen up.  What I like most about him parent-wise is that his kids could all very easily be last year’s Paris/Britney/Miley, or any other famous scandal or burn out, but they aren’t.  They are educated and successful young adults following in their dad’s footsteps.  Daughter Ivanka also has what I consider a stylish yet affordable shoe line.  You don’t hear about them in press stumbling out of clubs or entering rehab and you don’t see their lewd home movies on YouTube.  That is a testament to parenting, whether you admit it or not.  The same can be said about Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Despite the dysfunction of her parents, Chelsea has turned out to be quite a normal and accomplished young lady.


“A worried mom does better research then the FBI.”


Mom-wise, I admire Blessed Mary (for her obedience and devotion), Princess Diana (who steadfastly held onto her goal of raising her royal sons to be caring and compassionate in the midst of a loveless marriage), Sarah Palin (for getting where she is on her own and not marrying into it, raising a large family that includes a special needs child, boasting the ability to shoot what’s for dinner and then cook it up, and running a state that borders Russia), Martina McBride (for turning down many a publicity or promotional deal to stay close to home and raise her children somewhat normally in Nashville), Angie Harmon (for sticking with her Christian and conservative roots in liberal hotbed Hollywood), and Robin Roberts’ momma for raising one strong, talented, and amazing daughter.  I also respect any and all single moms, all parents of special needs kids, and the wives and mothers of our armed forces.


I know there are many more, but off the top of my head, those are who come to mind.  What about you?  Besides your own, what moms and dads do you admire?




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