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Thank YOU! January 9, 2014

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I have been so busy writing blogs pertaining to the new year that I’ve totally forgotten to say “thank you!”  Thank you for another great year of allowing me to share my words of wit and wisdom with you.  I am still amazed that so many of you have signed up to read my blogs via email (the easiest way to read it!) and that in 2013 “I Am Woman, I’m a Wordsmith” was read by at least one person in 55 countries, including more than 2,300 Americans!   Wow!  I am beyond overwhelmed!


As I mentioned in my New Year’s Resolution blog, now that I’m clearly fully committed to this writing endeavor that I started on a whim back in June of 2012, I am now committed to improving it.  I will work to make photo groupings and captions better and also hope to incorporate how to allow you to click on links that I write about.  Again, I’m open to any techie support I can get!


As a way of expanding my communications and inspirations with you and others, I am also now more active on Instagram (carlawordsmith) and on Twitter (Carla Smith.)  I’m finding both of them fun and am so grateful that I’ve had my college-aged daughter home for her Christmas break as she’s been a tremendous help and inspiration in improving my social media outlets.  Thank you Kristen!


I started writing this blog as a way of putting down all the many thoughts and ideas I forever have in my head while keeping my beloved writing skills up to par.   As a former journalist, I find that I am always interested in current events, interesting stories, and things that make you think.  As they say, “once a newsie, always a newsie.”   I’ve always loved magazines and so my blog has turned into what I consider my own little on-line magazine chalk-full of just about any subject matter.  What I’ve discovered along the way is that it has become one of my favorite hobbies, is truly a passion of mine, is a documented journey that one day I may look back on in awe, is so very cathartic for me, and has been a blessing in so many ways.


Finally, I want you to know how much I love hearing from you and hope to continue doing so.  Your comments always make my day an your words of encouragement keep me going; you have no idea!  Please continue to tell others to subscribe to my blog, to continue reading it on Facebook, and to continue feeding me ideas and input.


So, here’s to another year of blogging and another year of blessings.  May we enjoy them both together.




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