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And The Winner Is… March 4, 2014

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Let me put this out there right away:  Hollywood annoys me.  But, allow me to admit that I look forward to watching the Academy Awards almost every year.  There was a day when I loved going to the movies.  Then, everything turned political and I turned away.  The Oscars however, are a night to enjoy some fashion and some fun.  Here then is my take on last night’s Academy Awards:


The winners

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis.  Are they not so adorable?  Loved her black dress (and baby bump) with the splash of white in the back and I loved his dark blue suit, although against her black dress I might have preferred traditional black.





Jennifer Lawrence in red Dior.  She is an official movie star now and just so darn likable…falls and all.  Her styled pixie hair was perfection and I loved her “party in the back” necklace.  I even liked the “so last year” peplum accents on her hips.



Lupita NYong’o in custom “Nairobi Blue” Prada.  I didn’t love the hairband but I love her class and grace.  She is here to stay.


Matthew McConaughey and wife Camilla.  In a word:  perfection.  I actually really, really liked his white jacketed tux and I loved the pale pink of her one-shoulder only caped gown.  Her hair was also flawless.  I wasn’t a fan of his beloved mom’s look though and strongly suggest she (and her son!) stay out of the tanning booth!   What I loved most about him though was his mention of God in his acceptance speech.  Rarely do you hear that from any actor and the fact that he did so winning the year’s biggest prize was so inspiring and impressive.



Others I liked:

Jared Leto.  Pretty and handsome at the same time and he’s not too proud to admit he adores and loves his momma!  His red satin tie was clever and his acceptance speech heart-warming.


Bette Midler looked and sounded fabulous!  I loved both dresses she wore:  the subtly striped illusion gown during her performance of the classic “Wind Beneath My Wings” and the Reem Akra red carpet dress that she admitted was done by Akra herself when  “came to my house and made it in my size.”  Gotta love a woman who isn’t a size 0.


Emma Watson.  I loved her classic yet edgy black gown with subtle sparkle.  She is one of very few attendees who can pull that look off and she did so impeccably.  It stands right up there with her “pants in the back” Golden Globes dress.  I love her ability to take fashion risks yet stay classy.


Kate Hudson knows how to wear a dress better than anyone and last night’s Atelier Versace number was no exception.  I don’t know who does her make-up (Almay?) but it is always gorgeous.  One question:  was she in a movie last year?!


Sally Field looked radiant in her age-appropriate black sequined gown but what I love most about her is that her face matches her neck and her age!  She.  Looks.  Great!


I thought 84-year-old June Squibb looked wonderful in emerald green.  She is an inspiration to us all.


Pink not only nailed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” but didn’t she look stunning in that red glittery ball gown that would so have matched Dorothy’s shoes?  I love Pink and am so happy she came and she delivered.  You go girl!


And last but certainly not least, what more can be said about Charlize Theron?  She might be dating pinhead Sean Penn but her white Dior gown was to die for.  I’m obsessed with the pleating on the bottom, the illusion overlay, the “no see” straps, and the necklace she chose to enhance it all.  I also LOVE her short hair.  My vote for “best dressed” goes to either her or Jennifer Lawrence.




I didn’t hate Amy Adams’ timeless blue Gucci but I hated her hair!  She has such gorgeous and full, long locks and I just don’t understand why she (or her stylist) would choose to put them up so tightly!  I love Amy and  I was hoping she’d really bring it but she went a little too safe and a lot too boring.



I know it was a hit with many but I found Julia Roberts’ black lace number a miss.  I thought it was a little to 70’s promish and the here but not there lace around the arms was distracting.  I especially hated the décolletage lace inset.




Although Angelina Jolie always looks beautiful and is truly one of the most naturally gorgeous human beings, I found her beaded Elie Saab dress ill-fitting and a tad matronly.


I am not a big fan of nude dresses on the red carpet so I didn’t really care for those of Cate Blanchett or Jessica Biel.  I can’t for the life of me figure out why I never think Biel looks gorgeous even though I think she should.  Mystery of all mysteries.


The “Wolf of Wall Street’s” Margot Robbie wore one of my favorite award season gowns when she showed up in that amazing white Gucci at the Golden Globes, but I did not like her dark hair and black dress AT ALL at the Oscars.


Whoopi Goldberg.  Hmmmm.   I can’t decide if she was mocking Julia Robert’s gown of a similar style from the Golden Globes or if she just wanted to look bad and why is she so grumpy and why was she even there?  Of all the stars who could have introduced the “Wizard of Oz” and Judy Garland tribute, why in the world did they pick her?


Goldie Hawn and Liza Minnelli:  please stop with the nips, tucks, fillers and whatever you are doing.  You’re old and we all know it.  Embrace it!


Will someone please tell  E! hostess with the mostest Giuliana Rancic to please eat?!


The Vote is Still Out

I didn’t love but I didn’t hate Jennifer Garner’s silver “flapper” dress or Sandra Bullock’s blue Alexander McQueen but I really, really like both actresses a lot so I can’t put them in the “losers” column either!



I found Ann Hathaway’s Gucci black halter dress with crystal embroidery a bit much for a non-nominee but I did kinda like it!


Hot Trends

Statement necklaces


Pixie cuts

Non-traditional-colored tuxedos

The red clutch that Kelly Ripa, Bette Midler and Anna Kendrick all carried!


Show Highlights

I thought Ellen DeGeneres was fabulous!  She kept the show moving, kept it light, and was so darn funny!  I absolutely loved the pizza delivery and the selfie of all selfies.  I thought it was both brave and spot on when she mentioned most of the actors in attendance had never been to college and that Jared Leto was the “prettiest” one there.


I was thrilled that “20 Feet from Stardom” won the documentary award as it was such a fabulous film.


As for the rest of the movies, eh, I really didn’t care what won.  It just seemed like nearly every nominated “big” movie was so dog-gone depressing!  Lighten up Hollywood and thank goodness for Ellen…and the fashion!


See you next year.



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