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The Stylish & Saddest of Goodbyes June 7, 2014

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Amazing, right?  Hair stylists are our friends; sometimes almost family.  What to do then, when your hair stylist moves away?



Sadly, this has happened to me.  My stylist of more than eight years, Missy, is moving to West Texas.   Needless to say I am selfishly not thrilled about it but I am so happy for her.  She will be opening her own salon and I wish her nothing but the best.  She’s earned it, she deserves it, and I just know she’s going to “blow them away” in her new home.



Me, I’m losing not only a stylist but a trusted friend.  Missy and I have been through so much together during the last eight years.  I have her cell number.  I’m her Facebook friend.  We’ve shared it all and heard it all.  Nearly once-a-month we have gotten together to not only cut and color but almost more importantly, to listen and support.



I remember when I first stepped into Missy’s booth.  She had been referred to me by another stylist who wasn’t taking new clients so I figured she was going to be good.  The first things I noticed about her though were her numerous tattoos and her funky hair.  Hmmmm…I thought, how is this going to work out?



Everyone knows you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, and boy was I waaaay off base that first day.  I quickly learned that Missy was not only talented and fun; but smart, compassionate, sensible, and very Christian.  In short, she was the whole package:  just enough funk but plenty of faith.






Missy made me feel like a beauty queen and I looked forward to our two or so hours together every five weeks.  Regardless of what was going on in my life, she always had a way of encouraging me and making me smile.  She is one of the strongest women I know.  Ends up this unconventional looking hair stylist and classic looking suburban mom have so very much in common.  We shared many of the same struggles and dreamed many of the same dreams.  We got each other.   I’m convinced it was a God thing.



Tomorrow Missy leaves for her new adventures and encourages me to always do the same.  In the meantime, I am now in search of a new hair stylist.  If anyone can recommend someone, please let me know.  They will have very big shoes to fill, and an even bigger heart.







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