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To All You Dads Out There June 15, 2014

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XDad cupcake

“God cares about the relationship between fathers and their kids. And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with a decree of utter destruction.” Malachi 4:6


Dads quote


Happy Father’s Day!  Even though my dad passed away years ago, I’m blessed in that I get to celebrate the day through Smitty and Kristen.   Sadly my dad never met Smitty, as he passed my senior year of college.  Maybe that’s why this is one of my favorite collage pics:

2 Dads Days


My dad was a handsome and proud man who worked hard til the day he died.  He proudly served our country and supported our family.  He and Smitty would have gotten along great.  In fact, in many ways I married my dad.

Bapa Navy

mom and dad



Photos are all I have left of my dad.  I love taking photos and I cherish so many of them, my personal ones and others I come across.


I love this photo of a bride stopping to kiss her dad as she walks down the aisle after her wedding:

bride kiss


I also love this photo of a solider with his baby:


Let’s not forget all those dads who can’t be with their children today.



In our house, Father’s Day couldn’t fall on a better day for, as Kristen calls him, Pops.  He has the U.S. Open, NBA Finals, and World Cup soccer to choose from all day on TV.  In some households this might drive the women nuts, but in ours, it’s “dad’s perfect day, and mom and daughter are so down for it all too!”


As many of you know, I love quotes and sayings.  One of my favorites about dads is when, in the movie “The Descendants,” George Clooney’s character says, ““Give your children enough to do something but not enough to do nothing.”  Hollywood, yes but also so true.


Here then, are some more funny and philosophical thoughts about dads:

Dads Truly rich man X20055160810931843_huFtjqKV_b  X54254370481518985_G9dnal7J_b



And from one of TV’s wisest and funniest dads:




Happy Father’s Day Smitty!  Enjoy your day and your daughter!

364     5 Belly smiles  38 Bluebonnet 001   88 Ski with dad

59 Port A 97    104 Scout dance  120 Grand canyon 001   128 Rich Stadium  136 OU dads  174  IMG_0578   photo 1 (15)   photo 4 (13)


Don’t be anxious about tomorrow. God will take care of your tomorrow. Live one day at a time. Matthew 6:34






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