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Tuesday Tip: Sweet Dreams! June 17, 2014

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I love my bed. I actually look forward to climbing into it every night. Not only is it comfy and cozy, next to it are books I’m reading, my TV remote for late-night viewing, and Boomer. Sometimes it even includes my daughter or my husband too!




Still, as hard as I try and as much as I buy, falling into bed at home never lives up to doing so in a high end hotel.  What gives?  Well, I’ve researched and dug, and here are some tips for duplicating that five star bed of your dreams. I hope the result will be sweet dreams for everyone, wherever you are!




The first thing you probably notice about a dreamy bed are its many layers. Much more than just sheets and a comforter, the perfect bed consists of sheets, a duvet, a coverlet, mattress cover, matress pad, and an abundance of fluffy pillows. Notice I didn’t say anything about the physical bed or actual mattress.


That’s because most experts (Who is a bed expert anyway?!  Sign me up!) agree that putting your money into great bedding rather than into an overpriced mattress is the way to go. It’s amazing what good quality sheets and the right topper can do for a the quality of your sleep and comfort.


Your first step is to invest in sheets. To get that crispness we all love, look for 100 percent natural fiber sheets like cotton and a thread count of 200-350, any higher thread counts really don’t make a huge difference.  As for pillows, buy new ones regularly and don’t be afraid to spend some money on them too.  Consider how important they are to a good night’s rest and how much time you spend on them, and opting for higher-end ones won’t seem so outrageous after all. I prefer goose down pillows, which are fluffier than duck down, but if you have allergies or favor foam, there are so many options from which to choose.  January is the best time to invest in new bedding, as annual White Sales offer deep discounts on most items.


Okay, now for the mattress. I sleep on a Tempurpedic, but I do feel they are slightly overrated. What I most love about it, is the feather mattress topper I bought that lays on top of it!   A word of caution though: always put a feather mattress cover under both the mattress cover and the fitted sheet so as not to feel feathers poking out of just the sheet! I learned this the hard way.


What goes on over the top sheet is entirely up to you. I love my down duvet and comforter but my mom still prefers bedspreads. I also love quilts.  Blanket-wise, I’m not as crazy about them as my mom, but even in the heat of a Texas summer, I like the weight of both of them on me and use them year round.


Elems of Style1


I recently watched a popular YouTube commencement address during which the speaker instructed graduates to make their beds every morning. I confess, I don’t. I do sometimes, but not always. I know, I know. Shame on me! But, when I do make it, I follow the standard rule of placing the top-sheet “upside down” so when folded over the duvet, the folded flap is right side up. I like having a contrast of pattern and/or coordinating colors among my bedding. If my sheets are solid, the comforter has pattern. Any shams and throw pillows will have a mix of both.


The comfort of your bed doesn’t stop at the mattress and bedding though. Your goal should be to make your entire bedroom a sanctuary of peace and comfort. Don’t have anything next to your bed that doesn’t delight or relax you and try to make even the most utilitarian items pretty. I love the idea of live plants in a bedroom and I much prefer table lamps as a bedroom’s lighting of choice.



Finally, how should you take care of all that bedding you’ve invested in? I’ve always been one to wash my sheets in hot water and use fabric softener so they smell yummy, but my friend Ann recently told me she learned just the opposite. Apparently hot water is not the way to go, nor is fabric softener, if crisp sheets are what you want. You decide.


I leave you with everyone’s “how to” question: how do I fold a fitted sheet? Here is an easy guide I found in Woman’s Day magazine. Good luck and good night!





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