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Sunday Scripture: When All Hope Is Gone June 22, 2014

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Do you ever feel like you’ve done all you can and you’ve prayed in earnest and yet your hope is gone?  Trust me, I’ve been there.  I found this prayer by Helen Smith today that made feel just a tad hopeful though:


Dear God:

As I begin this day let me turn my thoughts to you

And ask your help in guiding me in everything I do

Give me patience I need for my peace of mind

And with life’s cares I hope Dear God, some happiness to find

Let me live for today not worrying what’s ahead

For I trust that you will see I get my daily bread

Give me courage to face life’s trials and not from my troubles run

Let me keep this thought in mind:  “thy will not mine be done”

And if some wish I do not get though I have prayed to Thee

Help me to believe and understand You know what’s best for me

I’ve failed many times I know, but when tonight I rest

I hope that I can kneel and say “Dear God I’ve tried my best.”




I know it’s hard to “keep calm” and to “keep the faith,” but when all else fails and I’m feeling neglected or alone, I try to remember that God loves me and that’s all that really matters.  Whatever today, tomorrow and life holds for me, I will let Him have control.




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