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Making an Entrance June 30, 2014

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door hello

I was so happy to recently see a photo of a door in a favorite blog I follow. I love doors and windows myself and often photograph them. Great bloggers think alike!


The front door of your house is a visitor’s first impression of you and your home so it’s important to take the time and effort to make the entry to your house a pleasant and inviting one. It’s also worth the money, as doors can be so very expensive!


A clearly defined entry point is paramount. No one likes to have to wander around and wonder where the front door is. A guest should be able to quickly identify a main entrance upon pulling up to your house. The phrase “curb appeal” is suggested in more than just a real estate way. You literally want the front of your home to be appealing. Landscaping should be maintained and your front porch should be considered an extension of your home. Clean it just as you would a kitchen or bathroom.




Spring and summer are the times of year that you can really spruce up your front entry with flowers, seating, and décor. Just be sure to not project the feeling that you are “spilling” out of your house by junking up your front porch. A couple of rockers, a small table, and some plants are suffice.




Lighting is also important. I’m obsessed with lantern-style lights but as long as your choice is functioning and tasteful, you should be good to go. Two other guaranteed front door facelifts include unique house numbers and a decorative doormat. I love changing my out with the seasons!


Now for the physical door itself. I adore painted doors. I’m not a big fan of double front doors but and I tend to lean toward a traditional look. Go with what you like, just be sure the door you choose matches the style of your home.


Here are some of my favorites:


PicMonkey Collage

It’s also fun to decorate your door for holidays and change things out for different seasons:

PicMonkey Collage seasons

An appealing entrance is both welcoming and attractive:

PicMonkey Collage three

I’m still working on a new summer wreath, but here’s my home front so far this summer:

PicMonkey Collage mine

I wish you luck and I wish you fun but most of all…

door quote


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