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Sunday Scripture: A Prayer for College Students & Parents August 17, 2014

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Smitty and I dropped Kristen off at OU this past week for her senior year of college.  I still cannot believe it.  As author Gretchen Rubin says, “Days are long, years are short.”  Indeed.



photo 1 (3) photo 3 (2)

The above scripture has always been mine for Kristen and now that future is getting closer and closer.  Where did the time go since she was that smiling little girl in the photos above?   Through it all, He has helped her prosper in ways I never dreamt, and despite the obstacles she faces, she has shined and she has enjoyed every minute of her college experience.


Many of my friends are sending their kids off to college for the first time this month.  I feel for them as they face empty rooms and quiet family gatherings but for all of them – Melissa, Norah, Angie, Shawn, Jeannie, Cindy, Joanna, Karin – and all the others, know that your kids are in good hands and are where they’re supposed to be.  You have raised them well and given them roots.  Now it’s time to give them wings.


For these ladies and everyone sending their kids to college, whether for their freshman year or any years after, I offer this “Prayer for Parents of College Students” that I found one time while visiting Smitty’s alma mater, Niagara University.  I hope it gives encouragement, hope, and comfort.


“O loving God and source of life, for many years you have blessed and challenged our family with a child.  With your grace we have seen our child grown in heart and mind, in body and spirit.  In order to seek higher learning, our grown child is away from home and we are anxious about the future.  But, we call upon your grace, once again, to surrender the one we love to the guidance of your spirit.  May this child hear your gentle call and follow it to the destiny that you have always had in mind.  Grant this in your name, Oh Lord, who are Father and Mother to all.  Amen.”


“He will shield you with His wings.  They will shelter you for He orders the angels to protect you wherever you go. “  Ps. 91:11


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