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Sunday Scripture: Wait and Hope November 30, 2014

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So I haven’t been writing much of my blog in recent weeks.  I’ve been sick, I’ve been stressed, and I’ve not been inspired.  On this First Sunday of Advent however, God has inspired me.


I like the above quote as a way of putting Advent, and life, in perspective.


Advent is a time of patient waiting.  Waiting for Christmas to come and waiting to celebrate the birth of our Lord.  Waiting is not always easy but it seems like I’ve been doing a whole lot of waiting lately.  Waiting for my health to improve.  Waiting for challenges in my life to work themselves out.  Waiting to make choices and decisions.  Maybe all I need to really do is wait for God to show me HIS plans.




That is one of my favorite bible verses but yet it’s one I sometimes find difficult living by.  I know His plans for me are good, but then why do bad things happen?  The question to end all questions, right?


Perhaps a look at the four candles of an Advent wreath can give me (and you) some concepts to focus on during the weeks ahead and leading to Christmas.


Week 1, which started today, is begun by the lighting of a purple candle to signify hope.  I will continue to hope against all hope that my prayers will be heard and answered.


On the Second Sunday of Advent, another purple candle is lit as a symbol of love.  I want nothing more than love in my life and I need to remind myself that He loves me unconditionally and will get me through anything.


A pink Advent wreath candle is lit on the Third Sunday of Advent as a way of reminding us of joy.  I am so busy and often tired during this time of year but I vow to slow down some and drink in the joys that are all around me, even those disguised as challenges or disappointments.


Finally, on the Fourth Sunday of Advent one more purple candle is lit.  This candle denotes peace.  As I plan the weeks ahead I will work hard at remaining peaceful and creating peace wherever I can.


Easy peasy, right?  Probably not, but this first Sunday of Advent is the perfect time to start anew.  I will wait.  I will pray.  And I will continue to find hope, joy, and peace.




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