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I Am Woman, I’m a Wordsmith blog December 25, 2014

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“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

Luke 2:11


The Gift of Christmas




Merry Christmas everyone!  Christ is born, born in a stable in Bethlehem.  A simple manger for the King of all kings.  Mind blown.


God could have chosen anywhere for His son to come into this world but he chose not a palace or a castle, but what was basically a barn; animals and all.  In a word, humbling.


Even those 3 Kings who came from afar brought gifts to what was an infant.  They knew the baby was special so they brought Him gifts, not vice versa.


All of Kristen’s life she’s known that, just like Jesus, she receives only three gifts at Christmas…and they are from mom and dad, not Santa.  Santa merely fills our stockings with small treats or treasures.  Even at 21 years of age, she still abides by this family tradition.  This year she wanted a special piece of jewelry so she asked if it could count as all three of her gifts.


There are many around who did not get gifts today.  We need to remember them in prayer.  Me?  I didn’t really feel the need to ask for any one thing this year.  What I really want:  peace of mind, stability, normalcy, trust, gratitude, less worry and more love, can’t be packaged and wrapped neatly with a bow.  They need to come from within and come from above and can’t be bought with money.  Pretty simple.


We’ve all read about and seen the lists of gifts on someone’s letter to Santa.  It’s sometimes appalling how long these lists can become and how greedy we tend to get during the holidays.  Rather than look at our gifts today and wish for what we didn’t get, let’s instead look at all the real “gifts” around us:  family, friends, health, jobs, food, a roof over our heads, and of course Jesus.  His presence is our true present today and every day.  What can we give Him in return?


Our Gift to the Christ Child

Lord Jesus:

We give you our hands to do your work.

We give your our feet to go your way.

We give you our eyes to see as you see.

We give you our ears to hear as you hear.

We give you our tongue to speak as you speak.

We give you our heart that you may love all others through us.

We give you our spirit that it may be you who prays in us.

We give you our whole self that it may be you who grows, works, loves, and prays in us.





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