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What I Learned in 2014 December 31, 2014

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Before I start thinking or writing about New Year’s resolutions, I want to reflect on the year 2014 and what I learned from it.  In many ways it was a tumultuous year but in many other ways it was a reasonably good year.  Through it all, here’s what I learned:


The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Prayers aren’t always answered but keep praying anyway.


A calm life is a good life.


I’m obsessed with all things glitter.


“The Skimm” is hands-down the best current events blog out there.


Italy has the best food anywhere on Earth.


I love cooking classes and I loved the movies “Chef” and “The Hundred Foot Journey” but I don’t love to cook.


“Parenthood” is the best TV show to come along in decades.


No one’s life is perfect, even those who pretend to have one.


Jack Daniels honey whiskey is the bomb.


The book “Bringing Home the Birkin” was surprisingly good and really funny!


I don’t like asparagus.


How someone treats you says more about them than it does about you.


Just because someone else likes something doesn’t mean I need to like it too.


Control is over-rated and rarely accomplishes anything yet I still tend to be a control freak.


Working out with a trainer kept me motivated and accountable to exercise for the first time in my life.


My Oklahoma Sooners football team was not as good as predicted.


I despise rollercoasters:  both real ones and those you “ride” in life.


I’m a serious homebody and actually enjoy it.


I worry way too much.


2014 high school graduates have always gone to school with a Mohammed or Abdul, have always known pro football in Jacksonville but not L.A., have known only two presiding presidents, and think “GM’ means genetically modified not General Motors.


When someone lies to you it’s very hard to trust them again.


I’m not crazy.


Spontaneity isn’t my strength but it makes me happy when someone else forces it on me.


Sinus surgeries don’t eliminate snoring.


High expectations are not a bad thing.  Expecting those who can’t meet them to do so, is.


I am waaaaay stronger than I wish I had to be.


I’m not as brave as I probably should be.


Marcus Luttrell is a true American hero and the movie “Lone Survivor” was amazing.


After trying others and actually liking them, “Coco Mademoiselle” is still my go-to perfume.


I’m tired of regret.


Calling your dog nicely to “come here” really does work way better than angrily demanding them to.


I really enjoy designer Erin Gates’ writing style and blog “Elements of Style.”


I learned how to Tweet, Instagram, Snapchat and went to a shooting range!


Receiving a Pope’s blessing live was incredible but the Coliseum was a bit disappointing.


St. Peter’s Square in Rome is shaped like a key.


As much as I adore shoes, I could legitimately live in flip flops, TOMS, slippers, and Uggs.  Seriously.


Married couples are generally happier and healthier than those not married.


“Gel” or “Shellac” manicures are totally worth the time and money.


I’ve become bad at making decisions.


Keurig coffee makers are perfection.


Olive oil does not have a high-heat index and original Pam spray prevents that yucky build-up on cookware.


Volunteering for the Austin Aces was one of the best things I did all year.


Days are long but years are short.  (Thank you Gretchen Rubin!)




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