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A Football Party to Cheer About January 11, 2015

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Today I’m taking a break from my normal “Sunday Scripture” to talk about that other religion I follow:  football!  I’ve prayed many, many times for my teams to win but as I’ve come to discover, God doesn’t really care who wins the annual Red River Rivalry or AFC East!  And yes, my Catholic guilt is killing me but THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IS TOMORROW!!!


Sadly my Oklahoma Sooners aren’t playing in college football’s title game in Dallas tomorrow evening but I’m excited nonetheless.   And even though Smitty’s Buffalo Bills didn’t make the NFL play-offs, let’s not forget pro football’s Super Bowl on February 1.  So today I’m focusing on how to celebrate the best in football in the best way.


If one of your teams is playing, choose a color scheme based on the team’s official colors.  If your team isn’t playing, go with a green and brown football field scheme, black and white referee style, or really anything you want.


super bowl


I loved the above idea I saw in “Better Homes & Gardens” magazine that features a trophy-like vase for buffet or tabletop flowers along with a chalkboard.  How ‘bout including pom-poms in with the flowers and adding some football-themed snacks to go with them?  There are so many recipes that are simple and yet sure to be crowd favorites, including:


TOMBSTONE_Kickoff_Pizza football-bites21  dip football2    cupcakes cookies Cheesy-Football-559US burgers berries  FOTAIL03  dip field


I’m a tried and true team player but I’m also the hostess who likes to sit down and actually watch the game and I don’t like to have to worry about refilling bowls or restocking plates, so in addition to those adorable novelty edibles, I like the idea of providing items that guests can easily eat.  No running back and forth to the kitchen or balancing a big plate with these single-serve temptations, including desserts:  (I’m obsessed with the ravioli and marinara sauce served in the appetizer spoons and the “caramel apples” are to die for!)


dip  shrimp1

ravioli  veggies3

dessert caramel apple dippers


To help matters even more, set up your drink station as a “serve yourself” spot and place snacks throughout the house.


No football party is complete without traditional Buffalo chicken wings, complete with the requisite celery, carrots and blue cheese dressing, and eating them with football-themed manicures are oh so spicy!


wings nails



If you’re like me, you’re always wondering how much food to buy or make for your gathering.  When in doubt, always overestimate and go by these tried-and-true guides:


Cakes              cheese plate


As for cakes, a baker I am not but I have used this stadium-shaped cake pan my mom gave me years ago.  The finished product was nothing like a custom one you can purchase (like this one) but it works!

cakepan cake


Finally, add some festivity to your party with football-themed serving pieces.  How fun are the turf-topped coasters I bought earlier this fall?  And the “penalty flag” yellow napkins and goodie bags?  Insanely adorable!


coasters napkins popcorn bags cutting board dishes


Other fun ideas include having a signature cocktail as part of the menu (“Packer Punch?”  “Buckeye  Beer?”), keep the vibe casual (it is football after all), and provide nametags if the group will be large.  On them write how each guest knows you, which will serve as great conversation starters and ice-breakers.


Yes, many of these ideas are silly and corny but they are also fun and festive!  The crowd will be cheering as they toast the winning team and you will walk away a true winner!


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