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New Year, New Hair Do? January 23, 2015

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My co-worker and I were talking about hair today.  She was looking forward to her hair appointment after work and we shared our joys and our woes about styling and coloring our hair.  I feel pretty confident in saying this is a typical conversation topic among women.  It’s no secret that a good hair day makes for a good all around day.


Our hair is our most prominent and permanent accessory and we stress over it a lot.  Those with curly hair want straight hair.  We go short only to grow it out or add extensions.   Our bathrooms border on beauty salons when it comes to hair styling tools.   Guys think we’re crazy but also admit they all wish their ladies had Julia Roberts-style locks.


We all know those girls:  the ones with perfect hair.  My friends Julie and Jeannie.   Jennifer Aniston and Kate Middleton.  We love them but boy do we hate the fact that their hair always looks great.


We also know those celebs whose hair has set the style world on fire at one time or another:  Farrah, Hamill, Rachel, even Halle.  Say “Lisa Rinna” and you not only think of ginormous lips but you probably also think of that same hair style she’s had for years.  Everyone loved Meg Ryan’s tasseled waves but does anyone else remember the TV havoc caused when Felicity chopped off her famous curls?


A New Norm for Hair

That’s why I was so pleased to recently learn that “normcore” hair is in and in a big way.  What the heck is “normcore” hair?  Well, it’s the hair style sister of last year’s normcore fashion, essentially studied yet decidedly dressed down style.  Boyfriend jeans paired with  (gasp!) Birkenstocks, men’s ware at formal affairs.  Over polished became so over and even make-up was less done.  Bare faces were all the rage last summer and the trend is expected to continue this year.


When it comes to hair in 2015, less is more.  Less styling.  Less blow outs.  Less extensions.  Less color.  Less everything.  According to hair stylist to the stars, Marie Robinson, it’s simple hair with natural color.  Your natural color.  Ombre is out, extensions have extended their welcome, highlights are has beens, and platinum is past tense.


Robinson credits one particular celebrity, Jennifer Lawrence, for triggering this back to basics trend.  “Even though she’s had different variations of cuts, her color always stays believable,” Robinson says.   I Googled the fashionable and friendly JLaw, and found this to be spot on.  Judge for yourself:


Jlaw long ??????????????????? JLaw pixie


This toning down of hair color opens the door for more options and possibilities with haircuts.  The thought being women will take bigger risks with their hair cuts if their hair color is toned down. “Don’t over accessorize” applies also to hair so if you have a “look at me” shade you probably want to keep your style simple, or vice versa.


“We’ve been stuck on this middle-long safe length for such a long time and I’m hoping people are going to get more daring,” says Robinson when it comes to choosing a hair style.




Most hair stylists would agree, and many admit, that trimming long hair can get pretty boring, but a fun shorter “do” is way more fun to do.


About the time I learned about this normcore hair trend, I came across’s site where you upload a photo of yourself and “try on” a variety of hairstyles, even those of celebrities.  I had so much fun with it and found the site not only highly entertaining but highly addictive too!



Do we like a bob…

3 3Selena Gomez   1Kiera Knightley


Short and sassy…

6 12 Shaelene Woodley


Long and flowing…

7 16  Katie Holmes


Mid-length moxie

4Jessica Alba 10 14


Or…Kate, Katy Perry, blonde Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, the “Rachel” or Whitney Houston?!

Kate Katy Perry Miley Cyrus Rihanna The Rachel Whitney


So.  Much.  Fun!


Try it out yourself at  I’m guessing you’ll have as much fun as I did and you may just find that perfect hair style you’ve been looking for!





Choose Wisely

When choosing a hair style, there are many things to consider.  Nothing can change your look more than a new ‘do but just because your favorite celebrity can pull off the style of the moment doesn’t mean you can.  Study the shape of your face and the texture of your hair.  Both are paramount in deciding what hair cut you decide on.  Also think about how much time and effort you like to spend doing your hair.  I have a lot of hair that grows fast and I could easily have long, flowing locks but I just am not good at or enjoy spending lots of time styling my hair each day.  I also have an oval face, which styling experts say is the most versatile face shape, but as the photos above prove, bangs don’t work on me because my forehead is narrow.


If you also have an oval face (think Julia Roberts or Beyonce), many different cuts will work for you but regardless of length, ask for cheekbone, lip line, or chin-length layers and avoid short layers on top.  Skip blunt cuts all together if you have thick or curly hair.


Long faces (think Sarah Jessica Parker or Liv Tyler) work best with chin-length cuts or bobs.  Bangs can also work on this face shape, as does either straight styles or curls.


Heart-shaped faces like Reese Witherspoon and Michelle Pfeiffer should focus on long layers if the cut is short and side-swept bangs for both long and short styles.  Stay away from blunt-cut bobs.  Subtle layers and playful pieces work best.


Square-faced beauties like Keira Knightley and Julianne Moore should avoid blunt-cut bangs at all costs and opt instead for cuts that soften their prominent jawlines.  Focus on face-framing layers, spiky crops, or sleek long looks.


Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams both boast round faces, and if you do too you’ll want longer, geometric cuts with angled layers.  Pick cuts with more volume on the crown than on the sides and stay away from blunt styles that end above your chin.


It’s not true that blondes have more fun so most importantly, have fun with your hair whether it’s brown, black, red or even pink.   Just think:  it will always grow back!




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  1. Leslie Rupard Says:

    Yes, Blonde’s do have more fun. I like the Miley Cyrus on you!! haha

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