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Here Comes the Bride February 14, 2015

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Valentine sign


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Today is all about love, right?  Right!


What girl doesn’t love a reason to celebrate love?  As luck would have it, I get to celebrate it two days in a row, as February 15 is my anniversary.  Yay me!


In honor of Valentine’s Day and of all brides, today I’m writing about…or mostly posting photos of…all things weddings.


Truth be told I could have easily simply included photos from my wedding day and been happy.  To this day, 29 years later, I am in love with my dress and would pick it all over again.  I also still love that my bouquet was long-stem Calla Lilies with a splash of red through a sole Anthurium, which complimented my wedding party’s red taffeta dresses.  In hindsight I might have worn some stunning red shoes.  It was Valentine’s weekend after all!  But, it’s not about me today; it’s about weddings!




I love weddings and have an entire Pinterest page to prove it.  I also DVR “Say Yes to the Dress” and am so excited for my nephew Michael’s wedding to his gal Vicki this May.  Can’t wait!


I originally planned on just including a few favorite wedding photos for today’s blog, photographs I’ve come across, caught my eye, and grabbed my heart, but I couldn’t stop there.  I just could not.  Did I mention I’m obsessed with weddings?!




So, here then are some of my favorite wedding photos, gowns, cakes, and a whole slew of fun tips and ideas.  (I’ve intentionally left out wedding party and mother-of-the-bride dresses because they could easily comprise a whole other blog!)  I know, I  know.  These ideas would cost a mint and more, but a girl can dream, right?   If you want more, check out my Pinterest board under Carla Smith.  I’m the one with a pearl necklace as my profile pic.







Some seriously awesome wedding day photos…

photo4  photo7  photo3

Wedding - fire by Josh Newton  Wedding-deer

photo8 XBride groom  photo   Wedding - tornado bride cross


Gorgeous veil photo and church doors photos:

photo of veil photo1   photo at church doors


Parents and newlyweds, kissing dad, and three generations:

photo2   Xbride kiss  XGenerations


photo dog Bridal hands mom      bride fireworks   Sooner wedding



Gorgeous Gowns…

Love these:

wow gown3 dress1dress11    dress10    dress8


Simple elegance:

dress7 dress dress6


A little bling and a whole lot of back:

dress2  dress5  dress4


This one has a detachable overskirt!

dress with detachable overskirt


A sweet way to cover up those shoulders:

dress topper


A stunning vintage Dior:

dress vintage dior


LOVE the back on this one and the pink embellishments on the second one:

dress lela rose dress with pink


If a ball gown is your dream:

dress lazaro   /Volumes/SESSION DISK/SM_D3/Output/D3_HighRez/.SM_D3_Shot 4_RSM1060B-097.tif  dress3


If I won the lottery, Carolina Herrera would by my dream designer.  Here are a few of hers I’m dying over:  (Love the gold and gold, didn’t see “Twilight” but Bella’s dress was a masterpiece, and not loving the feather but look at the detail in that dress!)

dress gold c herreradress twilight c herrera dress c herrera



Let’s not forget him… 


him3   him



I give you this ring…

ring with hubby birthstone     Add your hubby’s birthstone to your bands

ring with three bands  3 bands. A promise between God, you, and your husband. “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12 …

Tiffany setting  ring1  ring di   Three classics


  rings bible Tie rings to bible instead of pillow


Sweet photo ideas with rings:

Ring  love  L. Ridling Photography





Bouquets and Flowers…


Long-stem Calla Lilies and how perfect are those pearls?

bouquet long stem 124271270937853672_hfoo0oOY_b  bouquet pearls



Simple daisies and baby’s breath…or a stunning traditional bouquet:

bouquet1     bouquet    bouquet traditional



I’m a big fan of all greenery bouquets and I’m liking this berry and evergreen-accented “perfect for winter” bouquet:

bouquet2  bouquet green bouquet winter



Stunning table arrangement.  Look at the Calla Lilies inside the vase!




Cakes and Toppers…


First one is so elegant, second one so fun, and I love me some petit fours:

cake8 cake7  cake petit fours


I’m liking the idea of a monogrammed cake:

cake monogram  cake6



Uh-mazing Wedgewood and satin-inspired cakes.  Wow!

cake5    cake3  cake1


Can’t go wrong with quilting, pearls, and something for everyone:

cake   cake pearls   cake two


Fun toppers:

cake topper   cake2


Just for fun:





The classic and a cute “instead of til death to us part” idea:

vows    instead of til death



Guest book alternatives…

Guests’ fingerprints, Sharpies and wine bottles, river rocks to sign:

tip3 sharpies rocks



Every Cinderella needs the right shoes…

If it’s glitter, I’m all in:

gold  X20055160810721512_tljUmRwP_b Bling shoes



Carrie’s “something blue” Manolo’s…the best ever, a pop of color is always fun and these bows are adorable, and some Loub’s for the girl who has everything:

carrie  Yellow shoes    Louboutin



Simple and yet so pretty and some Kate Spade pearls for a beach wedding:

Proenza Schuller KSpade



And she needs the right jewelry…

Pearls and diamonds, that’s all:

necklace necklace



And finally, here are some great tips and ideas…


Take a photo of your young daughter in your wedding dress, plan ahead and take a “thank you” photo on your wedding day, fill “get-away” car with balloons that festively escape when the doors are opened, provide crayons and cards at the kids’ table and have them make cards for the bride and groom:

tip7 tip6    tip2  tip4


Provide hand-outs of who’s who in the wedding party and attach garter to football…no man ever drops a football!

    tip5   tip1


Wear a necklace with your new initials at reception and take “first kiss” photo with attendees in the background rather than priest or officiator:

fun1   photo first kiss


Have notecards with “5 things you should know about the bride and groom” to get conversations started, adorable coasters to have at tables, and take a wedding party photo using chalkboards that say how each one knows the bride:

tip get people talking  fun4   tip


Other ideas I love:

Have bridesmaids wear silver or gray dresses with “pop of color” shoes that match bouquets.

After the wedding, deliver wedding flowers to a nursing home.

Provide “dancing shoes” flip-flops at reception for guests.

Have maid-of-honor wear a brighter or bolder version of bridesmaids’ dresses.

On RSVPs, include a space for a song request.  Guests will love it when their song is played.

Put the petals of your bridal bouquet in a clear Christmas ornament ball.



Just for the fun of it…

Poms or sprinkles to walk out to:

poms  fun sprinkles great photos


A photo after my own heart and clever little matches:

XBride football fun


Photos of bride and groom at ages that correspond with reception table numbers and how cute is this ring bearer sign?

fun5       fun3


Two fun RSVP ideas:

fun2 fun rsvp



Gift ideas…

Every girl’s dream…pearls, Tiffany, and Cartier’s Love Bracelet:

gift3 gift2


Monogram menswear shirts for bridal party hair and make-up session:



From groom to bride after ceremony:




Adorable flower girls…

flower girls flower girl



And finally, some of my favorite brides ever…

Di and Maria from “Sound of Music”:

fave di  Maria


Kate, Carrie in her “label-less” dress, and Caroline Bisset with JFK, Jr:

kate faves carrie fave


The fact that Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Albert of Monaco’s bride Charlene both wore simple gowns speaks volumes about true class and style.  So in love with both of them and with Victoria’s crown of pearls and cameos:

fave swedish princess   fave crown  fave monaco



Give me some love…

X156148312049834581_80hZpZFw_b X526226_278285788938077_500159879_n  LOVE couch I love you



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