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Teachers Matter August 24, 2015

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XTeach me


Happy First Day of School!


Although my girl is off being a grown up, I love seeing everyone’s photos of their kids headed to their first day of school. It got me thinking about an activity called “History that Matters” from a training training I attended that asked:

  • Name the 10th president of the United States
  • Name the last three Heisman Trophy winners.
  • Name your best friend in high school.
  • Name last year’s World Series champions.
  • Name the vice president in 1974.
  • Name three gold medal winners from the most recent Olympics.
  • Name last year’s Oscar winner for best actor.
  • Name a teacher who touched your life.


What does this tell you? As we head off to school today, let’s help kids remember that the teachers they have will matter much more to them in the years to come than any athlete or actor.


Here’s to all teachers and students.













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