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Take the Time December 16, 2015

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“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.”




Wise words from Mr. Theophrastus and right in line with an email I received today. The internet “life lesson” was from a business I frequent. I loved it and thought I’d share it with you and elaborate on its message.


Lesson of Time

When a bird is alive, it eats ants but when the bird is dead, ants eat it.

One tree makes a million match sticks but only one match stick is needed to burn a million trees.

Time and circumstances can change at any given moment.

Don’t devalue or hurt anyone in life.

You may be powerful today, but remember, time is more powerful than you.

Be good and do good!


For some reason this really hit home today. Maybe it’s because we are smack dab in the middle of the holidays haze and time is something none of us seem to have enough of. Even as I write this, I feel rushed and I don’t like that. Breathe Carla, and write. Simply write.



“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.”

Jackson Brown, Jr.



Time was on my mind over the past few days, as my husband and I travelled to Buffalo, NY to visit his mom who is in an assisted living home. We had a great time seeing his brother and sister-in-law as well as several childhood friends of his, but “enjoy” is not the word that comes to mind regarding his mom.


She is where she wanted to be, but my heart tells me it’s not what she’d hoped it would be. As Smitty himself said, the place is full of the “forgotten people.” Lined up wheelchair to wheelchair and most with blank looks on their faces, these moms and dads wait for the next activity, meal, and visitor. Yes, the facility itself is top-of-the-line and offers everything from a hair salon to art classes, but like many people I know, the outside looks pretty but inside it’s full of pain and loneliness. It broke my heart. I wish I could fix it, but I can’t. Time has passed these people by and my only hope is their memories are full of joy and love.


It made me think of my dear friend Ann who just recently lost her mom. It made me think of my own mom and the time I have left with her. Time to love her and be patient with her.


Love now


Maybe it’s time we slow down.

Maybe it’s time we truly appreciate those who love us.

Maybe it’s time to stop looking for the “pretty” and start looking for the “devoted.”

Maybe we should stop trying to hard to please everyone and instead do the things that please those we love.

Maybe it’s time to eat less and exercise more.

Maybe it’s time to unplug and detach.

Maybe it’s time to stop worrying and start appreciating.

Maybe it’s time to criticize less and laugh more.

Maybe it’s time to take less selfies and enjoy more of what’s out there.


A favorite author of mine is “The Happiness Project’s” Gretchen Rubin who also wrote one of my favorite quotes:


XDays are long


Scary true, right? Don’t years fly by but some days just drag on and on? It seems like just yesterday I was visiting cute shops with my mother-in-law and today she cannot walk. At the same time, I have accomplished so much today and there’s still hours to go!


So get out there and burn your favorite candle, buy nice sheets, and use the good china. Treat your family like guests and your guests like family. Be nice and be there for them. Be a giver and be a helper. Today. You never know how many tomorrows you’ll have to do so.


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