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Vests With The Fur February 21, 2017

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Even though much of the nation is currently experiencing winter or extreme weather, I’m enjoying a beautiful sunny day. Still, it’s never too hot to think about fashion and since it’s still winter, how about a blog on something wintry? Like say, fur vests!


I know, I know, so unlike me to go with something as nontraditional as fur vests but remember, I do love all things sparkly and glitter, so why not?


It all started when I got a text from a darling friend of mine asking if I thought she was too old to wear a fur vest. I thought about it and we went back and forth and decided that, no, a woman of any age can rock one…as long as it’s done age appropriately. Isn’t this the case with everything though?




You’ll find and see fur vests everywhere as they are hot as ever (excuse the pun) and ways to wear them run the gamut. At first I told my friend that the look just wasn’t me, but maybe it is. Doubtful, but maybe.


The great thing about a fur vest, at any age, is that one can glam and dress up any outfit. Put one on with jeans and a t-shirt and you instantly become not sloppy but stylish. Belt one over a knit dress for a modern look, combine one with leather pants if you’re looking for an edgy look, pair one with a floaty dress and boots, or add a chunky sweater and leggings to one and you’ll find yourself in a comfy and casual look. So many options and so easy!


Fur vests, whether real or faux, are not only fashionable but warm. But unlike bulky coats, they are more part of an outfit than outerwear. They are also fabulous layering pieces that will make you feel part boho hip and at the same time, French chic. They also can make your arms look thinner than they maybe are.


Think about it: you’re wearing a shaggy vest over a flowy blouse so guess what: the chunkiness of the vest will overpower the visual of your arms, letting them appear long and lean. Who doesn’t love that?!


Styling-wise, there are just a few tips to consider. If you are on the petite side, choose a vest that ends at your hip bone, which won’t cut off your legs, giving the illusion of long, lean legs. Petite women should also take into account the scale of a vest and avoid any that are boxy.


So, whether you go faux or real is up to you, but another choice to made is animal print or a sheared look. Quality is important with the first, as inexpensive can easily turn hoochie momma but with shearling, even inexpensive options often trend upscale. Whatever you do, think real world not red carpet and never, ever go full-out Russian princess. Keep it all low-key.


Here are just a few examples of fur vests done right:

img_1436 fur-vest-look-5 faux-fur-vest-and-dress-533x800 faux-fur-vest


3  vest-with-fur-collar-anthropologie  4 fur-vest


Go with your gut and you will know when you find the right vest and the right ensembles for that vest. Don’t try too hard and don’t force the look. If it screams you, embrace it. If it’s not your deal, scream no thank you. Have fun!




On a side note, I read a post today that goes hand-in-hand with today’s post and one I wish I had written. It was titled “What Not to Wear After Age 50” by Rage Michelle on and it is brilliant.


Basically she wrote, “Google ‘what not to wear after age 50’ and you will have your pick of thousands of articles telling you what looks terrible on your old body. We could spend hours studying the clothes we shouldn’t wear and the slang we shouldn’t use and the makeup techniques we need to retire. But you are over 50. Wear whatever you want. If you’ve made it to 50 and still need to consult articles on how to dress appropriately then you are so missing out on one of the best things about being over 50. One of the best things about getting older is realizing that we don’t have to spend our energy worrying what other people think and we get to be comfortable in our own skin. Still, there are a few things that women over 50 really shouldn’t wear:

    • The weight of the world. If you must, perhaps just carry the weight of a few smaller continents.
    • Shame and regret. These are especially hard to wear after 50.
    • Rose colored glasses. By the time we hit 50, we need to suck it up, take those glasses off, and punch reality into submission.
    • Too many hats. When you wear too many hats, it’s easy to forget which hat you’re wearing.


I couldn’t agree more and will be following them from here on out.





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