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Met Gala Fashion Follow Up May 3, 2017

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I’m not sure how many of you watched last night’s Red Carpet arrivals to the Met Gala and I’m pretty over celebrities as a whole but I watched, because…fashion. The Met Gala is an A-list fundraiser that benefits New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute but in recent years it’s morphed into a star-studded “bring out your most dramatic and innovative fashion” event. Think more Star Trek meets the MTV Awards then the Oscars.


Each year there is a theme around which the fashion is supposed to revolve, and this year it was avant-garde Japanese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo. The annual event is held the first Monday in May, which is also the name of an entertaining docu-film and if nothing else, it’s eye-opening.



It’s where Taylor Swift showed us her punk side



Rhianna wowed us in yellow



Beyoncé dropped the fashion mic in latex



Ivanka Trump stole the show in cobalt blue



And in 2004 it’s where her dad proposed to current First Lady Melania


But those are so previous years. What about last night?



Here are my Best and Worst Dressed attendees:


South African Supermodel Candice Swanepoel brought the drama is this stunning black gown by UK retailer Topshop. I was both impressed and surprised by how many other attendees wore Topshop creations.



Vogue Editor and Met Gala queen bee Anna Wintour was sparkly and festive in this Chanel complete with tulle and feathers. So unlike her and I liked it! She’s even smiling!



I remember watching a young Blake Lively in “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” and thinking, “Wow! She’s gorgeous and should be a star!” Well, hell-oh stardom! Lively was regal in this gold and feather-trained Versace. And her earrings? Flawlessly cobalt. Perfection.




I’m not usually a fan of most anything that “actress” and model Emily Ratajkowski wears as it’s normally way too much Emily and way too little fabric, but this shimmering turqouise Marc Jacobs sheeth was fabulous. Simple meet spectacular.



Julia Roberts’ niece Emma did her aunt proud in this red Diane von Furstenberg. I love the peek-a-boo lace inserts beneath the straps and I loved the red lining of her bubblegum pink stole.



Karlie Kloss in this Carolina Hererra short take on a tuxedo is a bit too low cut for me but I would die to be able to wear it, albeit with a little less plunge. Those legs! Those shoes! That hair!



Reese Witherspoon pushed her traditional style limits in this one sleeve, thigh high, black and blue Mugler and I love it. It’s sassy, stylish, and stunning.



Model Taylor Hill in this custom burgandy Carolina Herrera is breathtaking. I think Taylor is so beautiful and if I could have any one designer dress me, it would be Carolina Herrera. What’s not to love here?!



Actress Zoey Deutch dazzled in this clean and chic Tory Burch with oh-so-trendy flounced sleeves. I loved that she paired the traditional look with modern disk-shaped earrings and that Burch is proving herself on the Red Carpet.



Now for the Worst…


Let’s start with the “It” Girls…Bella, Kendall, and Kylie.


We get it Bella, you’re stunning. We also get that when you have to witness this cuteness between your Ex and Selena Gomez, you opt for an attention-getting cat suit and try to bring it. Maybe next time don’t try so hard. And is it just me, or do they have the same hairstyles? Awkward. Selena -2. Bella – 0.




Next up, Kendall and Kyle. It pains me to write about any K family member (and I’m purposely not including their older half-sister because her white dress was …yawn…underwhelming) but I’m the first to admit Kendall is a natural beauty and in that family, natural is hard to come by. Still, her barely anything La Perla number was swooned over as was Kylie’s Versace. Kendall’s “gown” fit like a tee and fits right in with La Perla’s famed undies line and the fact that her bootie was out there to be seen by all was just unnecessary. The top model’s younger and uber-surgically-enhanced sister’s flesh colored mesh gown seemed to wash her out, as did her blonde wig.




Katy Perry looked so ridic I don’t even know where to start. Maybe just start over.



Zendaya is a very pretty young girl but it sometimes seems like she’s still trying to prove herself as anything but the reason Giuliana Rancic tarnished her Fashion Police hostess crown. IMHO this hideously-hued gown won’t help her case. I keep hoping but the fashion verdict is still out on her.



Anytime I see Lena Dunham I think “ick” and this only makes that a capital “Ick.” Girl gone wrong.



Ri-Ri, you always bring it but I just can’t bring my head around this one. I don’t even like the lace-up sandals.



Is this a case of “we really don’t give a flip” or was the dress code really “Coachella goes glam?” Either way, I don’t blame Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson for not smiling. I’d frown too if I had to wear either of those get ups.



And for the worst of the worst I bring you Madonna. Can someone please tell this aging woman to grow up and quit begging for attention? A grill and a camo dress? Please. Maybe it’s time someone blows up her fashion choices.



I always have some “on the fence” choices, and here are my Met Gala ones:


I loved the idea of Cara Delevingne’s dazzling Chanel pantsuit and I’m obsessed with her silver stilettos, but something is just not right here. Maybe it’s the hair. Was it too much? Maybe it’s the plunge. It was definitely too much. Still, there’s hope. And it’s Chanel.



Kate Hudson’s one-shoulder white Stella McCartney is probably one of my favorites on her but I’m not sure about the matching hair. I like the top knot but am still shaking my head. Maybe it’s because I’m not her biggest fan. Still, the dress is killer.



I like the idea of trench coat gown, and have long swooned over this Ralph Lauren gown from previous years:


But for some reason Priyanka Chopra’s custom Lauren just didn’t seem right. Maybe if it had been in black. Yeah, that would have worked.



As for couples who worked it, here’s the best dressed:


Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd, and Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriquez.



Bundchen looked every bit her super model self in this silver, open back Stella McCartney, but who wouldn’t look dazzling with Tom Brady on their arm?



If anything says the opposite of a black cat suit, it’s Gomez’ simple and serene Coach dress. On a Red Carpet filled with “look at me, look at me” drama, sometimes less is more.



JLo for once covered up and looked every bit as breathtaking as a princess in this lovely blue Valentino that screamed “old school glam.” On a Red Carpet filled with young girls, sometimes it pays to dress your age. Are you listening Madonna?


And that’s a wrap. Let me know whose dresses you loved and whose you loathed. Did I miss anyone? Did I mislabel anyone? I love hearing your opinions!


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