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I Have A Crush On You July 3, 2017

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Have you heard of MCM? It’s short for Man Crush Monday on social media and it’s the distant cousin of WCW, or Woman Crush Wednesday. There are some women out there who I find absolutely adorbs, but a crush? Hmmmm…not so much. Men? They’re another story.


How do you define handsome? What constitutes hot or sexy? What about attractive? They all probably describe someone you might have a crush on or had a crush on at one point in your life. I distinctly remember having a crush on Stanley in junior high, Leonard in high school, and cute cowboy Carey stole my heart and then broke it in college. We’ve all been there but crushes can be so much fun!


So, without further ado, who made my MCM list today? Drum roll and in no particular order but by profession, they are…




Kevin Costner. I’ve loved him since way back and love how he’s aged so well. My idea of a man’s man.



Matt Damon. I fell in love with him in “Goodwill Hunting” and still find him so cute. I met him at our former golf club and he was nice as can be. That’s always a bonus.



Vince Vaughn. Not classically handsome but your every guy and so darn funny. Who doesn’t love humor in a man?



Bruce Willis. Something about him just makes me smile and long before Die Hard and Demi, he was so likable in “Moonlighting” many moons ago.



Taylor Kinney. Probably the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood. What was Lady Gaga thinking when she walked away from this?



Ashton Kutcher. I see Ashton and I see male model. But I also see goofball. A male model who’s goofy. I’m on board.



Olivier Martinez. “Unfaithlful” with Diane Lane. Nuff said. Schmuck in the movie and reportedly a schmuck in real life though.



Mark Wahlberg. Not classically handsome, but I love what’s inside Mr. Wahlberg. A true family man with abs of steel, doesn’t take himself too seriously and goes to mass almost daily. What’s not to love?



Cary Grant. Old school handsome. They don’t make them like this anymore.



Paul Newman. Near the top of my list year in and year out, Mr. Newman defined charm and class.



Channing Tatum. Just hot. That’s all. And I’ve never even seen “Magic Mike.”



George Clooney. He’s got that ornery smile and just seems like tons of fun. Travel the world with George Clooney? I’m in.



Sam Shepherd. This blast from the past hasn’t aged as well as I’d hoped, but in “Frances,” “The Right Stuff,” and “Steel Magnolias” he had that mysterious right stuff down pat.



Denzel Washington. Just a class act and a handsome one to boot. Everything about Denzel oozes authenticity and appeal…sex appeal.




Patrick Dempsey. The hair. The smile. The lovable roles in “Made of Honor” and “Sweet Home Alabama.” On that note, let’s add Josh Lucas, his sweet home sweet cast mate to the mix. No wonder Reese had such a hard time choosing!






Tennis players Tommy Haas, Feliciano Lopez, and Patrick Rafter. I think their photos speak for themselves.



Tim Tebow. Such a handsome, God-fearing man. Am still waiting for him to marry my daughter.



Kirk Herbstreit. ESPN “Gameday’s” cutie pie. Love me some Kirk.



David Pollack. Herbstreit’s “Gameday” colleague, Pollack always seems to be smiling and is equally as charming as Kirk.



Tom Brady. Hate his team. Love his face.



Adam Scott. This golfer from down under is downright handsome.



Mark Sanchez. Not the most successful of NFL quarterbacks but looks-wise he scores big.





The Edge. U2 guitarist, real name David Howell Evans, is rock ‘n roll sexy. Watch him in the “With or Without You” video and you’ll see what I see. The lead singer and drummer of his band aren’t bad either. Sorry Adam Clayton; but you’re one heck of a bass player.



Joe Perry. Lead guitarist of Aerosmith, Perry will forever be my “run away with sleazy rock star” crush.



Jason Aldean. Not country music’s most traditionally handsome artist, Aldean has the prettiest eyes in Nashville and in my eyes, puts pretty boys like Luke Bryan to shame. Blake Shelton? Cute but no mystery to him. Eric Church on the other hand, yes please.



Jon Bon Jovi. In my former life as an entertainment publicist, I met JBJ and couldn’t get past his chiseled face and dimpled chin. Equally attractive is that he married is hometown sweetheart and true Jersey girl.



Harry Connick, Jr. This multi-talented guy could also be with the movie stars (“Hope Floats” will always be one of my favorite movies ever and how lovable was he in it?) or TV stars (“Will and Grace” anyone?) but music is where he started so music is where he’ll be. The kind of guy you’d take home to mom and mom would love him. As would grandma, Aunt Betty, and anyone else around.





The men of “This Is Us.” All of them. Chris Sullivan as Toby. Vilo Ventimiglia as Jack. Sterling K. Brown as Randall. Justin Hartley as Kevin. Couldn’t find a photo of all four so separate props to my man Toby who is so lovable and patient with Kate. His “I’d marry the hell out of you” line was brilliant.



Seth Meyers. I know, weird right? Call him my quirky crush. Something about him I find so charming though. Call me crazy.



Tucker Carlson. Call me crazy on this one too, but his smiling eyes are oh so charming. So is his laugh and his brain.



Jason Lewis. Who, you ask? One word: Smith. From “Sex and the City.” You’re welcome.



And speaking of SATC, who didn’t love Mr. Big (except for that one lapse of judgment in the limo)?



Joshua Morrow. Otherwise known as Nick on “The Young and the Restless,” Morrow has been on my crush list for years. And he has an OU tattoo!



Shep from “Southern Charm.” The ultimate tool, over-aged frat boy, and forever bachelor, Shep still has something so endearing about him. Someday he’ll grow up. Someday.



Jonathan Jackson. Avery on “Nashville,” Jackson is the quiet sexy type on the show who is forever forgiving and patient with Juliette. Love him.



Dan Abrams. I’ve always thought this network news reporter had more than a brain. Tell me the news Dan; tell me the news.



Mark Consuelos. Is he not the cutest ever? Kelly is one lucky lady.






Marco Rubio. The political pickings are slim, but I find the Senator from Florida so endearing. I also have a crush on his politics. He’ll forever be my candidate and have my vote.


So there you have it. Clearly I’m not the “classically handsome” kinda girl. Do you agree with any of them? Totally disagree with any of my picks? Did I miss anyone? Who are your picks for MCM?
















One Response to “I Have A Crush On You”

  1. Meg starnes Says:

    are you familiar with PBS’s series Grantchester? The lead is one handsome James Norton who is a priest. If you haven’t watched it on Sunday night, your missing out…so good.

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