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What I’ve Learned November 9, 2020

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They say life’s biggest challenges offer some of its biggest lessons. The past week has been challenging but lessons have been learned. Here is what I’ve learned during it all and some personal observations:


(Blogger’s note: Yes, I’m aware there are still lawsuits being filed, but I’m going here with how I feel today and what is current. I guess you never know, but here’s what I do know.)



Losing sucks.


Feeling God let you and millions of believers down sucks even more but since secularism and a world free of values and morals is the devil’s goal, I’ll continue to believe and trust. I’m unabashedly dismayed right now but again, division, dysfunction, mistrust, and confusion are the devil’s trademarks and he is alive and celebrating in America right now.


Everything we were warned about regarding mail in ballots came to fruition and they worked like a charm for supporters of them. They were created and implemented hastily and their process and infrastructure were faulty and overwhelmed. If this is something American voters want to see in every election, it needs to be seriously revisited.


We’ve all learned why Biden didn’t worry much about campaigning.


Life goes on.


Despite your best efforts and love for country and freedom, you can be your own worst enemy. Trump was his own worst enemy and it lead to his ultimate failure.


Humility is hard but necessary.


Hate is a powerful thing…more powerful then I knew or wanted to admit. It pretty much single-handedly influenced and affected the election and with it the future and direction of our country…a country thriving pre-COVID.


The proud “silent majority” was somewhat silenced…by a majority of sources including the voters…but it appears they are by no means dismantled and steadfastly loyal as ever.


The make-up of the two parties has dramatically shifted and reversed. Democrats are now the party of the rich and powerful and Republicans are the party of the middle class and non-elites.


Riots will stop. They already have. 


Polling is dead.


Three time’s a charm.


What I haven’t learned or figured out, and quite frankly find ironic, is that the people and party that spewed hate for four years are now calling for healing, unity, and decency. Do we do so only when things go our way or should we have all been practicing these qualities for the past four years as well?


I’ve learned and find it counterproductive that, with the exception of a few, the election’s happy campers are posting the most vile and anything but unifying posts.  Practice what you preach.


Funny how so many posts from the “winners” were more about who lost then who won and I really haven’t seen that many “my candidate won” proclamations save for a select few. Makes me wonder how many actually like the candidate they voted for. Props to those bold and proud enough to own their votes.


Not sure if I’m more sad Trump lost or the fact that Joe Biden will actually be president and a socialist is one heartbeat away from succeeding him.


COVID is still here and now Biden can fix it like he promised. I look forward to it almost magically and quickly getting under control if not disappearing, as a weak and ruined economy is no longer the agenda and credit for a vaccine that’s already in the works will be considered crowning achievements.


Life was good for most of us pre-COVID.  The economy was booming, jobs were created, taxes were lowered, unemployment was down, for the first time since Eisenhower we were not engaged in a foreign war, gas prices were way down, home ownership was up, our borders were safe, deregulation and reciprocal trade were in full force, small businesses flourished, interest rates were low, crime in most places was down, and school shootings all but disappeared. I’m saddened to learn that none of it mattered for millions of Americans.


On that note, I’ve learned there is essentially nothing President Trump could do or implement to please his haters because they would rather see him fail then give him credit for anything and also because he needlessly name called, over tweeted, and was “nasty.” 


More than half of America prefers “polished” career politicians over business style leaders and free-thinkers who offer a breath of fresh air, albeit a brash one. Careful what you ask for.


Eloquence with lies and smooth talk is preferred over brutal honesty, which is considered too hurtful and uncouth.


What goes around comes around. Republicans are today feeling exactly how Democrats felt four years ago.


We need to get back to teaching kids how to think, not what to think.


I’ve learned that we don’t have to…and probably never will…agree on everything and that’s normal and okay. If everyone thinks the same, that’s conformity not diversity.


Hiding and not revealing all or even too much was more powerful and convincing then vocally and physically throwing yourself out there.


You learn nothing if you are right all the time. What’s popular isn’t always right and what’s right isn’t always popular. Let’s all keep learning.


Mental frailty or any signs of it is no longer deemed an impediment to higher office.


Our daughter is strong and much more politically savvy then I knew. She read books, did her research, followed the issues, and strayed away from her generation’s “free” stuff and if it feels good do it mantras. I could not be more proud of her.


Churches, pastors, priests, and other religious leaders now have their hands full trying to convince their flocks that good triumphs over evil and that prayers are answered. I’m listening…


At the same time, I will remind myself that despair and doubt are not of God and soundly reject, renounce, and rebuke it.


Everything happens for a reason.


Privileges shouldn’t be of more value then principles and shouldn’t be considered rights. I’ve learned there’s a difference. 


The American political system is forever changed and broken. Money talks and hate wins, as it did in 2016 and again this year. Four years ago people didn’t vote or voted against someone they didn’t care for and many more did the same this year.


Our voting system is completely corrupt and so easily changed on a whim and for an agenda. This should worry all of us.


Election and voting integrity should be non-partisan.


If you have the media on your side they will look the other way and hide anything. Even the most false and destructive ideas will be justified by the MSM and the most obvious and glaring will be ignored.


There are way too many political and party pundits posing as journalists. Clarity needs to be established between opinion hosts and shows and news programs.


Breaking news is broken and the media and journalism are forever tainted and have much work to do to gain back trust and credibility.


Thankfully there won’t be any more 24-7 90 percent negative news screaming at us. It will all be utopia and we will now be living in that perfect world free of riots, systematic racism, cages, Russian collusion, climate change, meanness, national independence, etc. Nothing negative will be reported. Their blatant bias has been validated and they are now invigorated. They’ll spin everything as unified, but my hunch is it will be anything but.


If you not only have the MSM behind you but also big tech, you can convince people of anything and keep them from hearing anything you don’t want them to. 


Law and order and our proud military are not priorities for more than half of America.


Hate trumps logic and the economy. Stupid.


I’ve learned that I don’t know what disturbs and baffles me more, the fact that a majority and “winning” number of “woke” American voters voted for the most liberal senator to be next in line for president or the fact that she was chosen and now celebrated for her sex and color by those who say neither should matter.


People actually feel that Kamala Harris is a more qualified VP candidate then Mike Pence. That’s all you need to know to sense what’s wrong with this country.


I might have a case of Biden Derangement Syndrome. For sure a case of KDS.  But, I won’t riot and I won’t moan for four years. I’ll try not to name call and I’ll let go of my bitterness. 


You can spend $100 million of your own money in key swing states you don’t live in and still lose them.


Feelings matter more than facts and freedom.


Transparency is an option not a given.


Anger, bitterness, resentment, hate, jealousy, and greed at all costs won out but let’s all hope for them to be replaced by peace, compassion, patience, understanding, and true tolerance from both sides.


Free speech and free markets are not the free stuff more than half of America wants.


I think we’ve all learned that who you’re not allowed to criticize or question is who controls you.


I was shocked to learn that Oregon became the first state to decriminalize heroin and cocaine.


I’ve learned that many of the people I know and considered “smart” I now look at a bit differently. I don’t necessarily not like them but I have so many questions for them and would love to hear their rationale…a rationale that doesn’t start with “But Trump is so nasty.”  


Many voted how they did based solely on hate, which we all agree is petty and small, but we also know you reap what you sow.


Many others voted on a woman’s right to kill her own baby so I look forward to baby showers now being called fetus or cell showers, the death of a pregnant mother not being considered a double homicide, the end of harvesting organs from aborted human lives since they’re not considered humans with human rights, a single cell or organism found on Mars or elsewhere not considered “life” since they’re not considered so here, and ultimately deciding which is greater: the right to choose or the right to live and be born.


I’ve learned that despite trying so hard not to believe that socialism is alive and well in the U.S., it is and it scares the living hell out of my dear friends from Venezuela and Nicaragua.


Name calling is never good. (And save the “but Trump did it more than anyone” justification…I agree.) Both sides did it and I learned that even “friends” of mine stooped to call me and others hateful, hurtful, and false names and labels. Attack those I support all you want, but when you attack me and my character; you’re out. 


I’ve learned that just over 50 million U.S. citizens see no purpose for religion in their lives and many who do, didn’t vote their religion.


All lives don’t matter equally.


Hopefully America’s four branches of government will remain equally divided, which was how our forefathers wanted it. We should all want checks and balances.


You can’t argue with good, loyal, and successful kids; they validate our efforts and our legacies.


We have successfully raised a generation of if you don’t get what you want, you whine long and loud enough until you get your way, and if need be, destroy and destruct.


I’ve learned that what’s best for me is to unfollow and unfriend.  Not because I’m a sore loser but because I’m eliminating from my feeds and my life anything that doesn’t feed my soul. If you’re a name caller or non-stop campaigner on either side, buh-bye.  Move on and give it a rest.


What is morally wrong is politically correct and patriotism is frowned upon and called arrogant and naïve.


Good doesn’t always win and prayers aren’t always answered.


Knowing you voted your beliefs, morals, conscience, and values is enough to get you through each day.


The Blue Wave never happened and Trump’s base is strong.


I’ve learned what it feels like to be ashamed of and embarrassed for America and not proud to be an American. It’s not a good feeling.


You can sleep your way to the top.


Jill Biden’s selfish goal of being FLOTUS has been realized and how long until the country’s first lady is back on every magazine cover?


It’s time to hug oil and gas workers, farmers, and factory workers as they now worry about their jobs.


I remain blessed and grateful.


You’ve got it now Dems. Let’s see what you got.


This should be fun.


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