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The Pies Have It November 25, 2020

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It’s the day before Thanksgiving, which means your turkey should be thawing and your pies should be baking. Both turkey and pie, particularly pumpkin, are Thanksgiving traditions and I love them both. But did you know that pie at Thanksgiving really has nothing to do with the Pilgrims or Native Americans? In fact, common belief is that the tradition was probably started by a magazine sometime in the mid-nineteenth century. Who knew?!


We all have a pie preference and according to surveys and research (and no voter fraud or mail in ballots were detected or allowed in the taking of them), the top three pies are apple, pumpkin, and pecan…in that order. I beg to differ as I’m a pumpkin pie girl through and through. Maybe you prefer pecan or apple pie after your turkey, or a host of other pies. And guess what, just like pies, which come in all flavors and styles, the one you like the best says something about your unique traits and styles. Just what do your pie choices say about you? According to the American Pie Council, Hellow Giggles, and Little Things, everything!



Pumpkin Pie

A Thanksgiving tradition and my absolute favorite year round, pumpkin pie is considered America’s second favorite after apple. Made of one of the earliest import foods that Europeans introduced the New World to, the orange squash quickly became beloved by Colonists and remains so today.


The pie is a fall tradition so those who like it best often consider fall their favorite season. Raising my hand! Those who love pumpkin pie also love sitting at home cuddled up with a cozy blanket, a fire, and maybe a good book or good friends. Yep, that’s me too. Pumpkin pie is considered simple and a classic, and so are pumpkin pie lovers. They are nostalgic and traditionalists; like to keep things chic but not fussy; are effortlessly elegant; and are most likely emotionally stable, consistent, and reliable. Pumpkin pie lovers also can’t stand drama or chaos and having a calm environment is very important to them.



Apple Pie

According to the American Pie Council, this is America’s favorite pie.  If it’s your favorite, you’re probably “As American as Apple Pie,” love tradition and security but can tend to be a tad predictable. You tend to loyally lean on the same products again and again, whether it is your dish soap or your favorite jeans, and you are a grounded, realistic person and friend. You are also compassionate, love the outdoors, and enjoy being active.



Pecan Pie

America’s third favorite, pecan pie is very sweet and so are you! Lovers of this pie tend to like the simple things in life and are seekers of love. Especially popular in the south, there are many versions of pecan pie, but all are sweet and all are beloved. If it’s your favorite pie, you’re likely thoughtful and analytical and have tons of friends. Those friends love your rationality and loyalty and often come to you for advice. Sounds like you are just like pecan pie itself: infectious!



Peach Pie

Probably my second favorite pie, peach pie has been around forever and is so versatile. You can serve one hot or cold and make it with fresh, frozen, or canned peaches. If you love peach pie, you probably also love a challenge and love for your mind to be stimulated.  You are definitely a thinker but sometimes over analyze and you are someone who learns from mistakes and trials. You also hate to fail.


Blueberry Pie

Blueberries can stain a table cloth or shirt like nobody’s business but guess what; if this is your favorite pie you couldn’t care less! A blueberry pie lover is that fun-loving, laid back, life of the party person. In fact, you’re kinda like the pie itself, which is considered by many the easiest to make, in that you are easy going and open minded and you love when others succeed. You are also smart, have excellent taste, don’t embarrass easily, and are quick to laugh at yourself. Relax and be happy: you’re a blueberry pie lover!


Cherry Pie

When I think of a cherry pie I think tart and so are you to a certain extent if this is your fave! It’s all in a good way though, in that you have attitude and confidence and you don’t let people push you around. You, like the bright red of the cherries themselves, also don’t mind standing out in a crowd and you live for a little excitement. That yearning for adventure means you’re a risk taker, are game for trying new things and taking on new hobbies, and are rarely bored with life.


Sweet Potato Pie

Often confused with its more popular cousin the pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie has also been around since Colonial times. It’s nostalgic and very southern, and so are you if it’s your top pie pick. It’s ingredients were adapted from African cuisine and it’s still a staple soul food item. It’s also usually a surprising but welcome sight at holiday gatherings and so are you!


Lemon Meringue Pie

Like the tangy center of this pie, you are bubbly and full of optimism. You are anything but “basic” and love bright colors and making the best of every situation and life in general. You could say your motto is “When life gives you lemons, make a lemon meringue pie!”


Chocolate Silk Pie

To me, this is basically a chocolate pudding pie but to those who favor it, it’s much, much more. Baked properly, a chocolate silk pie is just that: smooth. So are you. You prefer the best things in life and have great taste. Richness emotes from the pie and from you.


So there you have it. What does your favorite pie say about you? Just for fun, print this out, and ask family and friends which pie is their favorite and what it says about them. Considering it’s 2020, you might have to do this on a Zoom or phone call, but have fun with it anyway!



All of this got me thinking.  What does the rest of the food at the Thanksgiving table say about us?  Let’s find out!


If the turkey is your favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal, you are probably strong, honest, and reliable.  You are also probably a traditionalist and a true friend.


Those who dive right into the stuffing (or dressing as some call it) love to laugh and are fun and lively.  They are most likely the life of a Thanksgiving Day party.


Mashed potato lovers tend to be a bit sophisticated and reserved, but if the mood strikes them, they loosen up and tend to enjoy life to the fullest.


Crazy over cranberries?  Then you are more than likely nostalgic and are the one adult who doesn’t mind sitting at the kids table.


If the green beans get you, you are hands down the health nut of the bunch…unless it’s that famous recipe with cream soup and fried onions!


So what are you?   Do your choices match the personality described?


Whatever is your liking, as we all do our shopping and plan our Thanksgiving meals, and as we cook and bake ‘til we’re turkeyed-out, let’s all focus on being thankful and what ingredients are really important in the recipe for life.


“Into each day put equal parts of faith, patience, courage, work, hope, fidelity, kindness, rest, prayer,

and one well-selected solution.  Add one teaspoon of good spirits, a dash of fun, a pinch of folly,

a sprinkle of play, and a heaping cup of good humor.” 

Author Unknown






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  1. Kristen Luna Smith Says:

    Pecan wins

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