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Post-Holiday Decor January 11, 2023

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Traditional Home

As we watched the college football National Championship a few nights back (yikes TCU!), my hubby and I both commented on how clean, calm, and uncluttered our rooms felt after packing up all the Christmas décor. Yes, we love it all but it does seem a bit tranquil once they’re gone. Right? Maybe, maybe not as apparently not everyone thinks so.


This surprised me as I read “The Cozyminimalist’s” recent blog where in it, author Myquillyn Smith included a section asking readers “Miss Your Christmas Tree?” Surprisingly many people say their house feels a bit blah and empty after taking down trees, decorations, and all things Santa and nativities. I found this so interesting and loved her interesting advice.


If your house feels a bit blah after taking your Christmas tree down, you’re not alone writes Smith. In fact, it might feel sad, empty, and lifeless. But there are things you can do to replace it in some way. Let’s start with sad as your home in general is suddenly void of sparkle and light. Think about it, all those twinkly lights and sparkly ornaments added a sense of joy, light, coziness, warmth, and even a bit of charm and fairy-tale. You can’t replace them all but you can see the light.



Most of us don’t realize how important lighting is in a room. I for one do not like overhead lighting and instead prefer lamps. The affect good lighting has on us and in a room when done right is both cozy and classy but when you remove it like you do with a Christmas tree, that warmth suddenly disappears. Easy fix here. Add more lamps in your room and turn off those overhead lights. Include reading lights, sconces, and maybe even some remote-control candles. Fireplaces also add light and warmth.


That space where your tree was probably feels a bit empty now too as the scale of it filled the room and added a sense of balance. No worries. All you have to do is add a large-scale item or two!



Jim Dine artist/Bunny Williams Interior Design

In general, scale is a great way to add interest to any room and large items, risky as they may be if incorrectly used and incorporated, add presence to a room and their own substantial style. In most rooms that once hosted a Christmas tree, the largest item in them is a sofa or maybe some sort of entertainment center or shelving. Keep them but add something else. Probably nothing as substantially-sized as a Christmas tree, but think large rug, piece of art, chair, or mirror. Less is more however, in that using less décor but large décor makes a room striking rather than cluttered.



Present Season

Your ultimate goal with all this is to bring life back into the room you’re feeling is suddenly void of it. Christmas trees are essentially life and big green plants (even fake ones), so why not consider adding a live tree or large plant with a substantial and unique planter to the room? Most designers and home experts agree that almost every room in a house needs some type of greens, whether it’s plants or vased flowers, as they literally bring life into a room.


Something else I like to do once the Christmas decorations are packed away is rearrange things. Move that sofa and rug, rearrange seating areas, and even reconsider coffee table groupings and mantel décor. Doing so makes a room and a house feel new and what better time to do so than at the start of a new year? Have fun with it and keep in mind you can switch things again for spring cleaning. Until then, see you next year Old Tanenbaum.







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